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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Watchman’s Gate

In a society in Sarita Vihar, Delhi, I happened to notice a Board on the very entrance gate for the society.

“Kindly Open and Close the GATE yourself, if not contributed towards Gate Keepers Salary”

The message was so simple yet so very effective. This board simply hits at one’s EGO more than anything else. The contribution was just around Rs. 150 per house from around 50 houses for 3 watchmen's who work in 3 shifts of 8 hrs each. Amazing Idea.

The best part is that the board is put on both the sides of the gate that one will get to read it every time one passes through the gate.

Wish I could see more such messages in all other societies too. So that these poor wage workers are never over worked, cheated or taken undue advantage of. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Divya and her TB Story

A very old friend from college times, now a cosmetologist working wonders in Mumbai. A very hearty friend who keeps finding amazingly superb excuses to somehow hide in her laziness. But nonetheless she is a true sweet heart. She stays in Andheri West, Mumbai with her sister. In the only city where one have Travelling Buddies(TB).

She shared her experience about one such Travel Buddy, an Aunty (lets call her TB) who commuted with her every day on her way to office. TB always kept sharing her very unusual experiences of life which was exaggerated beyond limits. She would brag about her job, her intelligent kids, her irritating mother in law and so on and so forth. Nobody in the compartment would enjoy the torture let alone believing TB.

But then, why does TB do it every day...??? Most probably to get attention of everybody or simply to gain sympathy from one and all, either of which TB somehow annoyingly managed.

TB once said that says she has got some kinda CANCER... kehti, "pata nahi kahan hai...har baar peth ke alag alag jagah par batati hai" to top it up she adds she is not having any treatment aur sirf kuch ayurvedic jadibutiyan khati hai to be miraculously treated.

TB perched above all summits and all heights of exaggeration when she said "ONCE SHE WAS DEAD FOR 8 HRS & SUDDENLY SHE WOKE UP JUST BEFORE SHE WAS BEING TAKEN FOR FUNERAL"

Divya is still wondering on what to do with TB...?? She is confused on whether to laugh at TB or help TB with a top Psychiatrist......!!!

All I can say is

“Divya TB in any form, Travel Buddy or Tuberculosis it is very Injurious to Health.”

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don’t Tobacco and Drive

This is from my memory shelves. It happened sometime during my graduation days in Nagpur. It goes like this....

I was on my way for college on my bike, I was enjoying the drive as usual, I stopped at a traffic signal for a RED light. Right next to me was another guy who was driving a CBZ wearing an amazing biker’s jacket, cool shoes and a designed stylo helmet. Once the Lights went GREEN this guy just zoomed way ahead leaving me far behind.

I again continued on for college, after some distance I saw few people gathered in the road, I presumed it was an accident and went close. I saw the cool biker on the ground. I figured out he had hurt himself as he was slightly growling and grumbling in pain.

I laughed my ass off when I got to know how the accident happened.

Here’s the dialogue between me and a few ardent people passing by...

Me: Bro, What happened...???

Passerby 1 : I dunno, the road was pretty vacant and he strangely went of track...!!

Passerby 2 : Guess, its a head injury, seems like blood on his face...!!!

Passerby 1 : wait lemme find out... n he goes forward in to the crowd

Passerby 1 returned back with a huge grin on his face and said

“ Dude, It isn’t blood on his face, this jerk spat the tobacco he was chewing forgetting that he was now wearing a HELMET and got blinded and hence the accident.”

We had a hearty laugh before we all dispersed.

I had always heard of Alcohol being a threat while driving... that day I had realized that even TOBACCO was a killer on the road.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Historical Temples

Kanchi Kamakshi Temple
KANCHIPURAM is the place. We reached here around 4 pm and directly headed to Kanchi Kamakshi Kovil, Its a devi shrine, one of the oldest temple of our time.

Then we headed to Ekambaranathar Temple, its a shiva temple, wherein we have parvati ji also with him. This is the only temple in which they are both together, the reason being a MANGO TREE. There is a mango tree in the temple which is about 3500 years old. It was under this tree that goddess parvati ji had gone into deep meditation asking for the lord to marry her and so they are both together in this particular temple. It is a very huge temple.

Ekambaranatar Temple
Then we went to the Varada Raja Perumal Temple, this again is a very old temple, in this temple there is a huge Golden Lizard on the ceiling, its called Bangara Balli, if one touches this lizard, it erases all the negativity or Dosham as they call it.

In between temples when we used to ask for directions, all that most people would say is that there are enough historic temples in this city alone that one could esily spend a month or more only travelling, visiting and understanding their respective histories.

Varada Raja Perumal Temple
It was simply brilliant, knowing that most of these temple were build many hundred years ago and that the architecture was absolutely awesome. Its actually breath taking. I actually thought this place was all about Silk n cloth... its only now that i have seen for myself that its more on with the temples and is aptly called the CITY OF TEMPLES.

You get one parking ticket that costs about Rs. 20/- which allows you to park anywhere in the city for an entire day.

Another historical and religious tourist recommendation for one and all, not to be missed this lifetime.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

On d Phone.....!!!!

Phone lines aren’t working…
M tryin till ur phone gets ringing…..

I hear ur voice at the other end…..
Which is exactly what I intend....

Talking on how much of each other we miss….
Before we end up blowing kiss after kiss….

Holidays are what I wanna spend….
Rules that I always wanna bend….

Eternity is till when I have waited…..
To be with you, who knows no hatred….

Your love is so much on the rise….
Making me have an inherent vice…..

I begin to dwell in ur craziness…..
Feeling the warmth n the coldness….

In the mesmerization…. All I say is


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reserved or Unreserved Ticket

I was travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Starting at around 9 in the evening, the train had managed to reach Daund Junction at around 7 am. I kinda got up, I then headed to attend nature’s call.

When i got back i was surprised to see a guy perched himself on my berth.

I politely requested him to get down, to which he replied, this train has now become a passenger train and that all reservations are over.

I again asked him to get down for which he says, “I won’t, you do whatever you can, call whomever you want”. In hindi its like – “Mai nahi utarta, ja tereko jo karne ka hai kar le, jisko bulane ka hai bula le.”

In the so called Marathi Manoos attitude.

After having paid for a Seat/Berth from Hyderabad to Bangalore I was really surprised at what that commuter gave for an excuse.

Still wondering as to whether my ticket was actually reserved or unreserved.

Government Owned Tamil Nadu Bus

I needn’t write more for anybody who has already travelled in one of these Government Run Buses.  It’s physically one of the most horrible experiences that your body would ever encounter. I am not really very glad that I had an opportunity for such an experience.

We were travelling back from Kanchipuram to Bangalore. The bus is so well maintained that we could hear each and every glass window clattering and the best part is most of the clattering continued even after we reached home. The seats were amazingly uncomfortable, the only comforting factor in the travel was the fact that we had managed to get seats in the centre of the bus, i really didn’t even want to imagine the fate of the guy in the last seat or the ones sitting on the tyres. Apart from the most irritating factor being the fact that these vehicles had a speed lock which had them constantly travelling at 60 kmph on a expressway. It was simply gruelling, to add more salt to these facts was my uncle, who constantly reminded me that this was exactly the same road on which we rode in the opposite direction in the morning by car.

After all the trouble and pain we somehow managed to get back home after a 8 hour long bus ride. I was so damn tired and exhausted that I kind of slept for almost 8 hrs and still couldn’t get over with the pain. It would easily get all the bearings in one's body jolted forever.

Serious Advice – Always check for another option before travelling by a Government owned Tamil Nadu Bus, any other state vehicle would be a much much better option.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Scribbling Lectures

Moments cherished n spent like a dream….
Its like a free hand painting…
Where no erasers are used….
And no getting back to blank zero….
All one can do is use better shades….
To improve all in one’s life that fades…
College in teens….Canteen’s were we are seen umpteen….
The sada dosa and the rajma chawal….
Where in girls normally have fal-wal…
Enjoying each moment each second…..
Movies n pubs all weekend…
Parties every once in a while….
People drinking till they hit the tile….
That’s when the debarred list is out….
Students suddenly in lots of distraught….
A beer or two gets them steady again….
Getting them to forget the pain….

Dodda Aalad Maraa

It means Big Baniyan Tree, Big is like 4.27 Acres of land. Yes that is how big this particular tree is. Its in Bangalore, on mysore road. This tree in history has played a vital role in one of the most famous song sung for friends by friends – Yeh Dosti, hum nahin todenge, todenge dum magar, saath na chodenge from the movie Sholay. If you have managed to get a picture of the song, the you might as well remember someone hanging onto a Baniyan tree and swinging around. Oh yes, it was this very tree and the village Ramgarh where the movie was set is actually very close to this place.

The tree is supposedly the second largest in India, the first one being in Calcutta, spread of 7.8 acres of land. The central tree i.e the Mother tree had fallen down around 40 yrs before, for now its only its children that are alive and keeping the legacy alive. In remembrance of the central tree in that very place a small temple has been constructed where pooja takes place.

This land has been taken up by the government now, setting up a small park, with benches and a few picnic spots. Its so nice to know that most of these places have now been declared monumental and have been granted certification from the Archaeology Dept of India. I simply loved the place and the way it was kept. For example, when the roots that hang from the tree come to a certain distance downwards, the team there sets up a small wired fencing around it putting in mud in to it so that it can easily spread itself into the soil.

In case you are a nature lover and have time at hand when in Bangalore this is definitely a place that you would wanna see, though we are now forbidden to hang from the trees like in those good old days.

A Visit to the Golden Temple

Ah...Well... this isn’t about me being in Amritsar and that Golden Temple. It’s in fact a visit to the Golden Temple, this one being located in a village called SRIPURAM, near Vellore. For quite some time my folks were planning to visit this temple. My uncle would say that this temple houses loads of gold, they have in fact gold plated the entire central structure of the temple.

On arriving at Sripuram, I was amazed at what was there in a village that had nothing but this temple. We had managed to get through with some VIP entry, but lemme tell you guys, walk... walk  n walk more was all that we did for a very long time after entering the temple premises. No cell phones were allowed inside the temple. There were small stores on the path way wherein we could buy water and some snacks in order to keep walking more.

When we reached the central Shrine of the temple, it was amazingly beautiful, situated inside a pool of water that had well carved elephant heads cut out in the sides from whose trunk water was flowing into the pool. To add to all these was  the glowing sun,  which simply made the shrine glitter. As we neared the middle, we saw that Goddess Lakshmi aka Narayani Amma was absolutely magnificient. She was very very elegant and superbly decorated. We had the priviledge of watching the entire pooja.

I had a great experience. I would recommend a visit to this temple in case you travel down south.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Whooaah... College Days......!!!!!

A day with a very nimble beginning…..
With realization of hairs graying….
The urgency to reach college…..
Only to realize later about forgotten baggage….
Lectures to torture….
Minds facing seizure…..
Subjects on various front….
Only students to bear the brunt…..
The respite’s from the A see…..
That gets the atmosphere freesee….
Constant chit chats….
Untill teachers call us brats…..
The news round up’s…
Gives many a  few hiccup’s…..
Some switching on the fan…
While other request for a ban…
People gift wrapped in shawls…
Firmly grounded to avoid brawls…..
Some copying notes  while others worried about election votes….
Most girls with lost hair bands….
For which guys have folded hands…..
Weekends aren’t awaited beers…..
We are all day… all the while in cheers……

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random Scribbling

I wish I could keep running away…
All along & simply all the way…

Racking my brains…
for having only grains….
I reach out for love…..
without wearing gloves…..
I do things wanting romance…
from the one I always glance….

I wish I could keep running away…
All along & simply all the way…

Wanna wrap my hands around her….
Run my fingers through her hair….
Feeling them flow like a flare….
Wish to be with you and spend time with you….
But then you are so far away....
And time begins to sway…..

I wish I could keep running away…
All along & simply all the way…

Entangled in all my thought…..
Not forgetting all the times we fought…..
Sipping coffee when its cappucinno…
Munchin Pizzas when its fillipino….

I wish I could keep running away…
All along & simply all the way…

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

After 5.00 pm BLUES anyday n everyday of 2008-2010 MBA in Amity

We get back home….another day in college..
Long lectures….increasing our so called knowledge..
Flinging around shoes n socks…..
As if they were stones n rocks….
Horrendous is the feeling….
When Kancha (our servant) isn’t coming….
Guys are simply nerds…..
As they wanna party in herds…
The lists are then made….
To get liquor of a particular grade…
Drinking blender’s pride…..
Feeling the ride…..
Sipping kingfisher’s Strong….
Though its without a bong…
Smokes are marlboro lights….
Ensuring evenings without fights…..
Then begin the love stories…..
For which we need French fries….
Gurls begin to cry….
Without having to try……
Dialogues are delivered with aplomb…
Like soldiers placing bombs….
Some swearing on…. While some pouring on…
Dancing to the hilt…. To be sweept away by silt….
Counts lost on the pegs…
Shaky are everyone’s legs….
Hangover is the ultimatum…
Lemon juice is the homium…
Over is the feeling of ecstacy…..
Gone are the shoes gifted by mercy….

n so on n so forth......

I Gotta a Feeling......

Feelings are in abundance…..
Some that can be expressed……
Many that can never be……
Some that can be read…
While other’s deceive…..
The feeling of a winner can be expressed only by a winner….
The feeling of an infant can be experienced by the mother alone….
The feeling of the raindrops can only be when you get drenched…..
The feeling of the wind can only be when it hits you right across….
The feeling of weight can be felt when shouldered…..
The feeling of depth can be when diving deep inside….
The feeling of a pounding heart can be expressed by any lover….
The feeling of ecstasy can be when high….. 

You will never know Why, when in love YOU…..

Want to always request for Red Roses…..
Want more corners to hide….
Want the internet to never go off….
Want the mobile battery to keep going on n on…
Want network everywhere….
Want to be free for most of the time…..
Wish SMS’s were more cheaper…..
Want call rates with better tariffs…
Want the mails to never bounce back…..
Want the coffee house you go to be empty…
Want the gifts we select to be the most special….
Want the dresses to be unique….
Want the clocks to run fast until you meet & to slow down completely or stop when you meet….
Want the highways to never end…..
Want the corner seats for movies n operas…
Want to be doing every thing just for just this ONE PERSON……

You will never know Why, when in love You......