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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reserved or Unreserved Ticket

I was travelling from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Starting at around 9 in the evening, the train had managed to reach Daund Junction at around 7 am. I kinda got up, I then headed to attend nature’s call.

When i got back i was surprised to see a guy perched himself on my berth.

I politely requested him to get down, to which he replied, this train has now become a passenger train and that all reservations are over.

I again asked him to get down for which he says, “I won’t, you do whatever you can, call whomever you want”. In hindi its like – “Mai nahi utarta, ja tereko jo karne ka hai kar le, jisko bulane ka hai bula le.”

In the so called Marathi Manoos attitude.

After having paid for a Seat/Berth from Hyderabad to Bangalore I was really surprised at what that commuter gave for an excuse.

Still wondering as to whether my ticket was actually reserved or unreserved.


  1. hmmm...true...dis usually happens...

  2. Template is beautiful. :)

    Sometimes this happens.

  3. tere se dara nahin woh !
    Noida mein toh sab darte se tere se.

  4. @Dhami - Nahin yaar woh dara nahin mere se.... Woh akela nahin tha na isi liye uchal raha tha zyada.... to maine bhi pange nahin liye


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