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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don’t Tobacco and Drive

This is from my memory shelves. It happened sometime during my graduation days in Nagpur. It goes like this....

I was on my way for college on my bike, I was enjoying the drive as usual, I stopped at a traffic signal for a RED light. Right next to me was another guy who was driving a CBZ wearing an amazing biker’s jacket, cool shoes and a designed stylo helmet. Once the Lights went GREEN this guy just zoomed way ahead leaving me far behind.

I again continued on for college, after some distance I saw few people gathered in the road, I presumed it was an accident and went close. I saw the cool biker on the ground. I figured out he had hurt himself as he was slightly growling and grumbling in pain.

I laughed my ass off when I got to know how the accident happened.

Here’s the dialogue between me and a few ardent people passing by...

Me: Bro, What happened...???

Passerby 1 : I dunno, the road was pretty vacant and he strangely went of track...!!

Passerby 2 : Guess, its a head injury, seems like blood on his face...!!!

Passerby 1 : wait lemme find out... n he goes forward in to the crowd

Passerby 1 returned back with a huge grin on his face and said

“ Dude, It isn’t blood on his face, this jerk spat the tobacco he was chewing forgetting that he was now wearing a HELMET and got blinded and hence the accident.”

We had a hearty laugh before we all dispersed.

I had always heard of Alcohol being a threat while driving... that day I had realized that even TOBACCO was a killer on the road.



  1. hahahahah!!! Funny but this is how accidents happen...


  2. I totally agree with u on dis ;)

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  4. hahaha!!! even i agree wid u...1 shud never do dis....dis shows chewing tobacco is injurious to health....lol!!!!


  5. It's TOO Gud..you should find a better way to pass this messsege...as much as possible...And thank you for your valueble info and time..Keep smiling..

  6. In this case, I find wearing Helmet more dangerous than chewing tobacco! lol...

    Carelessness of any form can open the doors of the Ultimate gates! ;)

  7. ha ha ... good one.
    gabbar singh ... aaaaa thuuu !

  8. gr8 bro.... nice thoughts...
    i totally agree with u...
    welldone nice try.....

  9. Hahaha... that is hilarious! =P

  10. i too agree with u,this should be a LESSON to all tobacco users,,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. Hey...interesting...and a thoughtful message..keep up the good work :-)

  12. @ Karan - That was just another way to percieve another damn RISK in that situation... lol

  13. haha, moral of the story- swallow the tobacco while u r wearing helmet and driving

  14. Oh well Rohan, I really dunno how well one's body responds to swallowing of Tobacco... U r doctor... Wat an advice comin frm you.... lol

  15. its hilarious...
    now the new slogan shud come up as "Don't chew (tobacco) and drive"...... hahahaaaaa...


  16. hehehe... funny and interesting... how is that guy now?

  17. haha..nice one..he got some payback for his tobacco style...

  18. haha...nice story yaar...chewing tabbaco is risky...!!

  19. good work sharon.. guru ke marg pe chal raha hai


    keep it up.. JGD

  20. hahah!! lmao!!
    awesome work!! ;)

  21. hahahaa....this iz truly amaziin..yuckkk..his helmet..!!!..rofl..


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