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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dog's Sense

An experience shared by my Friend Kartik. This happened to him in Chennai, where he works for an IT firm. What he saw and experienced simply left him awestruck. It happened like this

“A dog and a flock of fully grown people (Humans) including him were trying to cross a road. The Traffic signal glowed GREEN and so the vehicles began to move. Surprisingly most people also wanted to cross the road and they didn’t even bother about the speeding vehicles or the damn signal. Whereas, the dog analysed the situation by seeing the vehicles moving and simply stepping back onto the pavement, without crossing the road with these so called BUSY Humans who are on the run most of the time. The Dog simply waited for the Vehicles to completely halt and the signal to glow Red d then it simply in a jolly way raced across the road and then down the street. Kartik was just so glad that he noticed the DOG and how it kept itself away from unnecessary danger and that he could keep his life secure. He felt so awful that even the Street Dogs have begun to understand the Traffic Rules and Regulations that was designed for the safety of us Humans.

It sounds very atrocious, but then that is a very crude fact that, most individuals don’t even have the basic sense that which these Street Dogs have developed over the years on how to cross a road.

Some pointers to that we need to keep in mind while CROSSING ROADS are

  1. Wait for the traffic signal light to go Red for the Vehicles.
  2. Wait for the traffic signal light to go Green for the Pedestrians.
  3. Always use the Foot path while walking on the road.
  4. Always use subways, footbridges, islands, zebra, pelican and traffic light crossings.
  5. Make sure you can see clearly along the roads in both directions and that drivers can see you clearly.
  6. Listen very carefully in case something's coming that you can't see from where you're standing.
  7. When you cross the road make sure you're concentrating! It's easy to get distracted if you're listening to music on your headphones, or chatting and texting on your mobile.
  8. Walk straight across the road - don't run! It increases the chances of getting Mowed Down.

    Happy and Safe Walking...... Enjoy......!!!


    1. ahemm aheem!!.how tru!!......satirical axn by d dog!!....

    2. Hey Sharon, this one is also too good!!!! I m falling short of words day by day.. You r an awesome writer... :D

    3. incident like these happens everywhere around us but different are the people who can observe them and make others aware of what should be done and what is worth noticing.... sharon u r awesome writer n awesome observer...n of course DIFFERENT

    4. i love reading ur blog :P...sooo different!

    5. sharon we must thank kartik for his observation...
      and to you for sharing it.
      its clear now after the faithfulness the other quality which we have to learn from DOGS' is TRAFFIC RULES...!!!!!

    6. So lets all become DOGs..!! he he :)

      Gud one..!!

      But, a very sincere question for the writer, and I expect a truthful answer.

      "How many of the above listed 8 points do you really follow..?"

      Rather, this is question to each and everyone who likes this post..!!

      Do we strictly follow these points. I guess not..!!

      BUT if u do, thn I must praise & appreciate u dear DOG..!! :)

    7. Hey sharon.Thanks for the blog..and for guys whom i m new to this list..I am the "Kartik" who is mentioned in this blog.I observed this incident in Chennai and shared with Sharon and FaceBook (FB).I was unable to elaborate the incident much in FB due to the number of characters that could be used in FB.Sharon..Excellent rendering of the incident and thanks once again for sharing the way i expected you to do it.. :)

    8. On the land of Rajnikant, its better for street dogs to be careful because Rajni's bullet/cigarette/...../Cap can come from anywhere flying and it may search any hole. Its not that dog learned how to cross the street but its that they watched Rajni's action. Jokes apart,It is very true that we have brains may be more then dogs but we utilize our brain like toilet tissue paper and still we are proud to be a HUMAN. This is not just the crossing the street Its each and every activity of ours on street(Honking, spitting, overtaking)makes us street dogs. My best suggestion is to observe the action like kartik did ans sharon wrote.

    9. I always follow traffic rules, but wen it gets late, even i break em, dun care of nething... but from now on, i ll make sure am not late for nething, n wun break rules, even if i get late, i ll remember this post.. !!
      thanks to u n ya frnd sharing this one !! cheers!

    10. Person1: Tuje swimming atah?
      Person2: Nahi
      P1: Terese to kutta acha jo swim kr leta h
      P2: tula yeta ka?
      P1: Ha
      P2: Mag tuzyat n kutryat kay farak?
      heheheheheehe...well jokes apart...

      Its true that animals have realised and understood the rules. Hope that we Humans, the so called-smarter animal, learn to be civilised soon.


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