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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Government Owned Tamil Nadu Bus

I needn’t write more for anybody who has already travelled in one of these Government Run Buses.  It’s physically one of the most horrible experiences that your body would ever encounter. I am not really very glad that I had an opportunity for such an experience.

We were travelling back from Kanchipuram to Bangalore. The bus is so well maintained that we could hear each and every glass window clattering and the best part is most of the clattering continued even after we reached home. The seats were amazingly uncomfortable, the only comforting factor in the travel was the fact that we had managed to get seats in the centre of the bus, i really didn’t even want to imagine the fate of the guy in the last seat or the ones sitting on the tyres. Apart from the most irritating factor being the fact that these vehicles had a speed lock which had them constantly travelling at 60 kmph on a expressway. It was simply gruelling, to add more salt to these facts was my uncle, who constantly reminded me that this was exactly the same road on which we rode in the opposite direction in the morning by car.

After all the trouble and pain we somehow managed to get back home after a 8 hour long bus ride. I was so damn tired and exhausted that I kind of slept for almost 8 hrs and still couldn’t get over with the pain. It would easily get all the bearings in one's body jolted forever.

Serious Advice – Always check for another option before travelling by a Government owned Tamil Nadu Bus, any other state vehicle would be a much much better option.

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