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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Friday, September 24, 2010

Divya and her TB Story

A very old friend from college times, now a cosmetologist working wonders in Mumbai. A very hearty friend who keeps finding amazingly superb excuses to somehow hide in her laziness. But nonetheless she is a true sweet heart. She stays in Andheri West, Mumbai with her sister. In the only city where one have Travelling Buddies(TB).

She shared her experience about one such Travel Buddy, an Aunty (lets call her TB) who commuted with her every day on her way to office. TB always kept sharing her very unusual experiences of life which was exaggerated beyond limits. She would brag about her job, her intelligent kids, her irritating mother in law and so on and so forth. Nobody in the compartment would enjoy the torture let alone believing TB.

But then, why does TB do it every day...??? Most probably to get attention of everybody or simply to gain sympathy from one and all, either of which TB somehow annoyingly managed.

TB once said that says she has got some kinda CANCER... kehti, "pata nahi kahan hai...har baar peth ke alag alag jagah par batati hai" to top it up she adds she is not having any treatment aur sirf kuch ayurvedic jadibutiyan khati hai to be miraculously treated.

TB perched above all summits and all heights of exaggeration when she said "ONCE SHE WAS DEAD FOR 8 HRS & SUDDENLY SHE WOKE UP JUST BEFORE SHE WAS BEING TAKEN FOR FUNERAL"

Divya is still wondering on what to do with TB...?? She is confused on whether to laugh at TB or help TB with a top Psychiatrist......!!!

All I can say is

“Divya TB in any form, Travel Buddy or Tuberculosis it is very Injurious to Health.”


  1. sharon this was..hilarious.
    i have a suggestion for divya change your train compartment or else you vl be TB one day and yours story will be in someone's blog.

  2. thanks sharon for sharing my experience with ur frnds....it is expressed so beautifully, it seems u wr also a witness of d situation..

    Dewang, i'll definitely consider ur suggestion...

  3. Oh well Divya, dis experience mite as well be the fate of many in most of their journeys.....!!! Hope u enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing abt it.....???

  4. hahahahahahahahahahah...thot it ws tuberculosis!


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