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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Bloggers Meet

 I attended my first bloggers meet in Bangalore. It was in the ISKCON Temple in Bangalore. This was a collaboration between Indiblogger and Akshayaptra who provide food for school children who simply cannot afford food. the venue was not far away from my place so I took an auto rickshaw to reach the place. Once i reached I saw a few volunteers at the gate guiding us to the hall. I was very excited just to be there in the first place. I happened to be in bangalore just because i had come here to be with my Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar in the Art Of Living Ashram. I reached the place bang on time but then i wasnt really surprised when things went on in the normal Indian Stechable Time IST style. I was happy that they had snacks arranged in for us and I just gulped down a few glasses of the juice and also gobbled up a few samosas. i proceeded inside the auditorum and there was a bench right at the entry with beautiful volunteers manning the bench. They  requested me to simply enter in my eail id so that I could get registered for the meet. Once that was done I just went in and found a seat to sit and enjoy, that was when I loked at the huge projector screen and my name was on the screen and it said. Sharon Padmanabhan has just walked in 2 mins before. I was so elated and happy to be there. that was when i heard some body murmuring and talkin that the Wi fi is superb there. I immediately took ut my BB and started checking. the service was real fast.
The program began and they kind of welcomed everybody and then after a few introductions wherein the speaker began to mention there were a few who have come from outstations and mentioned my name and said Sharon has come from Mumbai , please welcome him. after that began the program wherin they selected 60 top bloggers outta the 277 attending to introduce themselves and their blog. Once that began and after about 35 of them introducing themselves my name cropped up on the screen again. I was more happy and elated that my blog was again being recognised. I just up and introduced myself and felt more happy, they even gave me a photo book.
Once that was done then we had to proceed for lunch in the Akshayapatra Dining hall. that was where i made a few friends. There was this poster on the wall that said - "the food here is Spiritually Elevating, Please don't waste the Food". we had fun eating our food and makng fun others sitting below the poster.
Then we came in back to the hall and then l the head of the Akshayapatra Program came and spoke about the program and shared as to how the akshayapatra program is carried out and how the school children are fed everyday.
After this we were all given a huge chart that had a thread to it and a sketch pen. we had to put it around out neck sso that people cud leave comments about you and your blog and similarly we had to do the same on others charts. that was just too much fun.
Once that was done we had been divided into a few groups on what interests you to blog. I was in the team where they were discussing how the internet is used to harrasss peple and how we can stop them. Again ha loads of fun doing that.
Then the meeting got over and we got our T Shirts.

I simply loved the program cos i made new blog friends for the first time. It was crazy and i hope to be at more such meets.

I am now very happy that my blogging is also for a cause.

Flavours to Consciousness

I happened to be discussing with a friend about the consciousness and the energies in the world. that was when we discussed this story about the various flavors of the consciousness. It is so said that the one with the highest spiritual knowledge will have all the flavors. There have been many many avatars of the lord at various times and ages in various places of the world. Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman are also one among the various avatars of the Lord. It is so believed that Lord Ram had just 12 Flavours to the consciousness in him while Lord Hanuman had 14 flavours in him. As Lord Ram was very aware of this knowledge it was very difficult for him to accept the fact that Lord Hanuman though he was more superior to him was his devotee. That was when Lord Ram asked Lord hanuman as to why this was the case that though you are more superior to me that you still call yourself my devotee and that you want to serve me always. To which Lord Hanuman said, Dear Lord Ram,  
 for our understanding 
{we have three levels of existence 

Deha Bhav - Body - we say I am eating food or I am taking bath. In both the case we mean that the body is taking bath and that the body is having food.
Jeeva Bhav - Soul - we say I love You or I hate You. in this case its not I hate ur body or that i love ur body its more Sul to Soul where we feel the oneness.
Brahma Vidya Bhav - the Ultimate Consciousness - This is where we realise that everything is one.}
in Deha Bhav - I am youur servant and your devoteee.
In Jeeva Bhav - I am a part of You
In Brahma Vidya Bhav - I am YOU