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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Historical Temples

Kanchi Kamakshi Temple
KANCHIPURAM is the place. We reached here around 4 pm and directly headed to Kanchi Kamakshi Kovil, Its a devi shrine, one of the oldest temple of our time.

Then we headed to Ekambaranathar Temple, its a shiva temple, wherein we have parvati ji also with him. This is the only temple in which they are both together, the reason being a MANGO TREE. There is a mango tree in the temple which is about 3500 years old. It was under this tree that goddess parvati ji had gone into deep meditation asking for the lord to marry her and so they are both together in this particular temple. It is a very huge temple.

Ekambaranatar Temple
Then we went to the Varada Raja Perumal Temple, this again is a very old temple, in this temple there is a huge Golden Lizard on the ceiling, its called Bangara Balli, if one touches this lizard, it erases all the negativity or Dosham as they call it.

In between temples when we used to ask for directions, all that most people would say is that there are enough historic temples in this city alone that one could esily spend a month or more only travelling, visiting and understanding their respective histories.

Varada Raja Perumal Temple
It was simply brilliant, knowing that most of these temple were build many hundred years ago and that the architecture was absolutely awesome. Its actually breath taking. I actually thought this place was all about Silk n cloth... its only now that i have seen for myself that its more on with the temples and is aptly called the CITY OF TEMPLES.

You get one parking ticket that costs about Rs. 20/- which allows you to park anywhere in the city for an entire day.

Another historical and religious tourist recommendation for one and all, not to be missed this lifetime.

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