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This blog is a birds eyeview of my life. Varying from trekking adventures to rocking satsangs, from coffee shops to college canteens, Fidgetting with fun and enthusiasm... learning and spreading the art of breadth and the joy in smiling....... This is simply an UNWINDING of a few thoughts that are stuck in my Mind....!!!

Life's always a full circle, what goes around has to come around, so why stop to enjoy the pain and suffering when we can drool in the joy and happiness....!!!!

A Complete 360 Degree...!!!

My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Chitvi's Amazing Art
No river is deep enough….
No sky is high enough…..
No building is tall enough…..
No pills are strong enough…
No poison is poisonous enough…..
No ceiling is fit enough….
No roads are crowded enough….. 

Its only your love that’s all enough…..

Wen in Class

The fan goes round n round…
Teacher speaks word after word….
We students follow it slide by slide….

One wanting to reduce heat….
Other to impart knowledge….
Us fighting to decode slides….

The clock goes tic toc tic toc….
We always go hip hop hip hop….

What say people..... 

Hey Sweeto

Mobile begins to tinkle…..
Sings…there she goes…. There she goes again……
Racing through my brain… n I just can’t contain……
This feeling that remains……

My heart begins to pound…..
Feeling taking me away from ground……
The cheeky dimple on my face……
Gets me up with loads of grace…..

I feel relieved of all my sensations….
Can’t smell, feel touch, no hearing, loss of words, eyes blurred….

M soulfully happily in Love….. just to say “ Hey Sweeto”

Kanu Priya in words.....

I had this somewhere
A tiny frame trots into class….
One with a short pony tail…
I yearn to spend time with her….
Only to learn that she’s down with fever…..
Food’s what deficient in her body….
Saline’s hanging by her so steady…..
She’s got a charming face….
Simple attitude with loads of grace…..
Her hands very soft n tender….
A perfect beer belly….
For a body perfect fully…..
Clothes that fit in from the kid’s section…..
A false nose ring she’s got…..
Ear’s occupied with simple gold…..
The criss cross tooth…..
Glasses she never wears…..
A fast track to check on her time…..
Her lip gloss is her companion……
She’s a sweetheart with very simple practices to life….
I wonder in amazement as I pinch myself……
To believe that I have been inducted into the friends list….
Of an Amazingly Little Wonderful Gurl.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Petrol or Muscle Power.... for my BIKE

Me Driving a Harley

Bikes zoom past us, most of them rash, other safe while a few are thorough professionals. I have been on Bikes for almost 10 years now. I love biking and never let go of any opportunity to hit the road. Been vroooming all this long, believing that “Petrol was the secret ingredient that gets my vehicle moving”. The kilometers my bike moves is directly proportional to the petrol that is poured into it.

But then many a times when I had a PUNCTURED TYRE or say NO FUEL my bike STOPPED but wouldn’t come to a standstill, it would simply continue to march on ahead.

In the first situation of a punctured tyre, if I drive, it would damage my tyre and at the most it can damage my RIMS but cannot do anything beyond that to my bike.

When there is no fuel, the bike it can still move on. All it needs is a little bit of help from the muscular me. Yeah, I just have to push it along to the nearest Petrol Station.

Me, Gurpreet and Mohit at 2.00 am, Noida

We were on our way back home on a PULSAR (tripling) having a fun ride as we always do, scaring the shit out of the stray dogs by barking at them, waving at the gate keepers, having candy ice creams. Only this time the bike suddenly felt wayward and I realized that the TYRE IS FLAT. All we did was first get off the bike and laugh at ourselves saying – “Apni to Lag Gayi”, and then decided to walk it out and manually power the bike as it wasn’t safe to leave the bike on the road. We again were engrossed in some discussion and continued walking home; the distance was about 4 kms. Suddenly out of no where a gentleman who was on his way to sec 62 to meet his girlfriend, stops by and asks us, “Bhai, Sab Thik Hai…??”, we narrated the incident, he said, ‘I will give you a lift’, Me and Gurpreet hopped on to his bike, while Mohit drove the punctured pulsar (sitting on the petrol tank). We had reached home safe and sound without much trouble. We thanked him and before we knew it, he was already on his way to meet his Girlfriend.

Alone, 11.30 am, DND FLYWAY towards Gurgaon

Petrol in the Bike got over. I dint know what to do, it just seemed like as if I will have to muscle power the vehicle for about 10 kms to the nearest petrol station. I again simply resigned to fate and began powering my bike. (I had tried out means like completely tilting the bike to one side and also blowing air into the petrol tank). Suddenly out of nowhere someone stops by to ask me what happened, I told him the entire incident, he said he will TOW the vehicle for me. He towed me to the nearest gas station in Faridabad Road near Ashram. Once there he just waved goodbye and left. I was just so elated and happy to the core.

And many many more such incidents….

By these simple examples what I learnt and applied in life is that

  • No matter how worse the situation is, just by simply accepting it the chances of getting a solution increases by leaps and bounds.
  • When life threw shit at me, I must have enough courage to keep walking on and have faith and belief that I will come through as WINNER in all situations.
  • I realized that all the sorrows are temporary; the only problem is that I simply held on to it, rather than just letting go of it.
  • Any damage if at all is just at the surface level; deep down it’s for good.
  • I don’t have a choice, but to stay Happy all our life.
  • I figured out how to get out of it problems without Cribbing and Crying.
  • I also learnt to say TRY ME instead of WHY ME.
Life has simply been a revelation since I learnt that Petrol isn’t exactly what motors a BIKE. So if a BIKE can move on without Petrol, then with all the powers bestowed upon me I choose to move on beyond all the silly troubles and to be the CHEERFULLEST at all times.

Monday, August 23, 2010

FREEDOM ....... isn't it….??? From HOME...???

Well, to begin with I have always been the types who has yearned and longed for FREEDOM. That is to simply be away from HOME and the constant glares of Mom n Dad, no silly arguments, no torturous deadlines. Having been with them all my childhood, I finally got my change when I was 22.

I moved to Hyderabad, to complete a Post Graduate Diploma. My stay there was for about 9 months. We would jokingly call the course a PREGNANCY TERM. J I stayed in a hostel, learned to handle money, made new friends, learnt how to adjust and survive when left alone. The time was Joyous, spent crazily watching loadza movies, partying and gobbling up CHICKEN BIRYANI. Time simply whizzed past, I had landed a job offer in Reliance General Insc Co Ltd as a Sr. Exec in Underwriting.

I got back home to Mumbai, and I got placed in the Regional Office in Mumbai, where I worked for more than a year and half. Then I decided to pursue further higher studies MBA in Insc. The course was full time for 2 years in AMITY UNIVERSITY, NOIDA.

I reached Noida, college began and with it all the partying and fun, long drives, jam sessions at home, playing football at will, no real time deadlines to meet, nothing no rules nothing at all. I was having the time of my life with all the fun, it was like NO HOLDS BARRED fun for me.  

"I always wanted to be free as a BIRD and here I was, free as an EAGLE, flying all over the SKY”.

As time passed by the fun never really reduced, the adventure trips were there, so were the night outs, the biking trips, the ghazal nights at home, the amazing cooking sessions, the Bun Tikkis, the Choley Bhatures, the Red Bulls nothing really stopped, it all increased and life was more fun than ever.

In spite of all this fun and amusement I began missing Mom’s Food, the morning tea time with her, the constant chats we had on various family issues and other topics. Dad’s all time Advice sessions were missed, his constant glares that would bring a shiver across my spine, though he wouldn’t know or rather he did know. I missed fighting for the television remote with my sister. My sister who has always been a helping hand, when ever I was in a mess, she would be the one who sent out the SOS message that meant that I had to reach home ASAP in order to avoid any serious discussion. She would in simple terms always save my BUNNY ASS.

I always thought that they all have always interfered with my FREEDOM and kept on restricting me for anything and everything, now gradually realized that there was always something more to it, than just the curb to my freedom, its like they always wanted to protect me from anything bad, anything at all. The love has always been there whether I was home or not, its just that I was blinded by so many illusions that I never really saw or rather understood any of it.

The Crazy mistakes that I know look upon and have learnt from are

  • Didn’t have a proper definition and understanding of FREEDOM
  • Never really understood what LOVE is and how much they loved me.
  • I didn’t know that they are just the 3 people who have accepted me the way I am.
  • Arguing with them at all times for no reason at all.
  • I ignorantly valued FRIENDSHIP more than necessary.
  • I LIED so that I could go out and party with so called friends.
  • Never understood that all they wanted is for me to be happy.
My Biggest Realization -

“When I was a KID my world always revolved around them and them alone, and I was their only world, but now since I have grown up the equation has only changed from my side, my world has changed now and it now revolves around friends and sports and many other things but for my Parents, I AM STILL THE WORLD.”

I was in tears when I realized that, everything they did was because they never wanted to see me broken and shattered for any reason at all. Now that I have cleared all the clouds, illusions and doubts as they call it all. I simply would vouch for the fact that it’s always better to be HOME with that sense of Responsibility, Fear, Love, Fun, Disappointment and all emotions put together. It’s the one place on earth where every desire of each and every individual is taken care of.


From Then to Now 

Freedom has changed forever
Love you Mom, Dad, Sista
Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Country My Valentine

“The country whose young men are inspired by the glory of the past, the pairs of the present and the dreams of the future always moves on the path of progress”.

Virat Bhaiya began with an amazingly true fact that all the knowledge that we posses about the so called HISTORY of our MOTHERLAND is only from our HISTORY TEXTBOOKS. Alarmingly, these books only talk about our Motherland for a period over the last 500 years maximum and not beyond that, though we are the OLDEST CIVILIZATION in the world.

Then he began with a more interesting question – Do you know what the VEDAS are..??

Everybody had their share of knowledge to say about the VEDAS, some stupendous answers that came out were that the VEDAS are boring rituals in Sanskrit with nothing to do about & they are simply unauthentic and not scientific. Well it may amuse many that the VEDAS was not written by anybody in particular it is just a compilation or rather a huge collection of thought of the various Rishi’s and Muni’s of our ancient India that we don’t know about.

Then came all the shocking revelations for me, something that has shook me to the core, I was taught all these year’s in school, wasn’t it…??? But was I taught the right thing…???

Let me begin with Pythagoras Theorem… was it actually his theorem for the taking…?? Was he the first person to discover it..?? It was discovered way back in 800 B.C by Bodhayanah, which is mentioned in the Sulba Sutras.

Then the entire list of our Motherland’s accomplishments simply swept the floor below my feet, let me begin to list a few from the never ending list

  • Zero & Decimal System – Untill this was given to the world they had counting only until 9.. How SAD right…?? Lolls
  • The Value of Pi upto 31 decimals was known to us and the same is mentioned in the Vedas, it was remembered as an Encryption using KATAPAYADI SANKHYA which is a means to code n decode the encryption.( Like its easy to remember a song than any answers for the exams right…?? Our ancestors knew that as well.
  • Who discovered Gravity…??? Sir Issac Newton…. What you must be kidding me…!! Check my dear friend, check again because it is mentioned in the Vedas dated about 400 B.C, i.e approximately about 1200 years before Issac Newton was born.
  • We still consider 9 planets in our astrology, we consider RAHU and KETU also, We consider them all because of the effect that these planets have on the EARTH and hence our LIVES (unlike the West we haven’t discarded or added a planet based on their size (ref to PLUTO)
  • The story on who discovered INDIA…??? Vasco Da Gama…?? Ladies n Gentlemen you need to know that 1498 was not when we were discovered, common go beyond your history text books.
  • Ayurveda & Obstetrics was again our knowledge to the world. We did everything and anything that the modern world does today; even the so called Post Mortem techniques are spoken about in the VEDAS.
  • Zinc was again invented in India, the so called Upward distillation method, which was something that only we Indians knew way before anyone could even think of it.
  • Architecture, the so called Vaastu Shastra has all been mentioned in the VEDAS.
  • Mettalurgy – how to make rust free IRON, only we INDIANS knew it back then few thousands of years ago.
Lagta hai na zyada ho gaya…?? Par Yeh sab sahi hai … matlab yehi sab sahi hai BHIDU J

A Few Questions for you all to Ponder on and Test Yourselves and you may leave your answers as your comments on the BLOG 

  • Who discovered India…???
  • What is our Religion as mentioned in the Bhagavat Gita…???
  • Why did the Mughals, Europeans. Britishers, Chinese all come to India…???
  • Which is the Oldest Civilization in the World…???
  • How did we get the name INDIA…???
  • What is the relevance of Takshashila University and Nalanda University…???
  • Who is Chanakya…???
  • What does Einstein have to say about his discoveries….???
  • Have you heard of Abhimanyu’s story….??? If Yes, its relevance…??
  • Why was Tansen or for that matter any singer or performer of that period considered to be so powerful…???
  • Who are Panini and Renin Martin… dig deep for an impressive answer.??
  • Why are Mad people called LUNATICS…???
  • Why do we call the Earth – JAGAT…???
  • Who is MOON given so much importance…???
  • Why should we follow LINDA GOODMAN…???
  • What’s in the phrase “Yeh Sab Moh Maya Hai” with  relevance to VEDAS…???
In case you have more trivial questions on India, Ancient India, Indian ythology or anything and everything about India, post em up and we shall answer them for you.

“The Bhagavat Gita is one reference point for all discoveries in the modern history. So this is a must read for every INDIAN on this planet. (Costs anywhere between Rs.15–20, Geeta Press Books)”

Ref – Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Max Mueller, Lin Young, Dr. Oppenheimer and the count goes n names go on for both foreign and Domestic…!!!

For the positives Virat Bhaiya then aptly said, “we have been brutally ruled and exploited for  almost like 500 to 700 years, we now need to give ourselves at least about 100 years to get back on our feet, with the bunch of JOKERS (politicians) of today we will need some more time to be added on for us to revive. It’s just been 63 years.”
The uprising has already begun.

All our Rishi’s, Muni’s, Leader’s, Champions…. From the Father of the Nation Gandhi to Sachin Tendulkar to Leander Paes to Ved Vyas, Valmiki, Durvasa, Kautilya n many more, they were all SPIRITUAL….. they all sought and still seek INNER PEACE for OUTER DYNAMISM. Meditation has always been the coolest thing to do, it now is and will always be.

Now I needn’t tell you what next to do right…???

With Loads of conviction and awareness I simply Love to say – “I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”

This was just my effort and Sankalpa to improve awareness among all my friends about our own MOTHERLAND - INDIA…!!!


Satyam-eva Jayeteh
May the truth alone triumph

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Thank You" – What an Amazing Expression to show GRATITUDE

Well people this is just another assimilation of some of our day to day activities.

How many people to we normally encounter in our lives on each and every given day in our lives…??
The answer from most of you has to be either I don’t know or I’m not sure.

Well let’s just REWIND or FAST FORWARD our lives a bit, and check how many people we meet on any given day.

Early in the morning, invariably we meet the Newspaper wala, the Doodh Wala, the Safai Karmachari, the Kachra Wala and many more. Then as the day progresses and as we reach colleges and offices we meet the Watchman’s, the Driver’s, the Lab Attendants, the Peon’s, the Lift Wala’s, the Local Train Driver, the Bus Driver, the Conductor, the Auto Wala and so on and so forth.

Have any of you ever bothered to notice as to how POLITE these people are in most cases …??? In case they are IMPATIENT and RUDE how many have tried to find out WHY….???

Most of them would always in most cases be very DISTURBED in life, one can’t blame them for that as that is a because of their LIFESTYLE, the way they have so much stress in their lives, be it their habits- alcohol, tobacco or what not, or be it their so called Poverty or the ever burdened shoulders. They still pull off doing everything that they have to do, in a way that is way beyond the parlance of our understanding.

What I am getting onto is, in how many interactions with these people have we really asked them something genuine about their lives or  made an effort to at least tell them what is wrong and what is right….??? Like asking them to quit Alcohol or Tobacco…??? Possibly never or maybe just a few times that we can count with our very own tiny fingers.

The very moment we say THANK YOU to any body, they just feel so very uplifted and its because of our attitude wherein we show so much gratitude in thanking them for their services. In many occasions we just have to SMILE that’s it, but for some reason we choose not to, some EGO or the What If factor crops up in the Mind.

When I was a KID I was once told by my Parents to treat everybody with respect, no matter who they are and to this date I follow it very religiously. Anybody in the above list that I mentioned or any body else you can imagine I have always treated them with utmost respect and gratitude. People who know me would surely vouch for this fact.

I wouldn’t sit quietly in a Taxi or in an Auto or say stand in a Lift with talking to the Driver or the Operator. And once I have got the services I would never hesitate to say a simple THANK YOU and oblige the service. It is not just in the realm that we are paying for the services or not but, what would you like in case you had just helped someone to reach some where…??? unless you are GOD you would expect a thank you.

Then there are others too like the Watchman’s and Peon’s and many more….

In case you again check all the incidents when ever you needed help… it was these people who time and again are there to get you to places and in case these people aren’t there the very STATE OF THE MIND becomes very very IRRITATED. Imagine a day when none of these guys are there. Life would come to a stand still and I mean a STAND STILL.

Lemme share an experience, I was traveling by the BST bus number 440 that was bound for BORIVALI BUS STATION, I was to de-board at Pushpa Park Bus Stop, there was a Co Passenger who wanted to alight before the Andheri Flyover, but since this bus was a Non Stop Fast Category the driver kept to the right of the road and didn’t STOP anywhere close to the Flyover, he instead STOPPED at the next bus stop. The passenger was furious and began to hurl abuses at the driver, who got perturbed and did the same to the Co Passenger, after about another 3 odd stops I was at the front door as my STOP was nearing, as I was about to get off I Just looked at the driver smiled and said Thank You so much and that you are doing an amazing job. He then had this huge GRIN on his face.

I had made him happy, no doubt about that. Guys you are missing a point here, it is that in doing so I was again a very Happy Soul. I too had a HUGER GRIN on my face. We all have incidents like these in every sphere of life.

Even when we go to a restaurant to have food, how receptive are they, all we do is leaving a TIP for the services, it would surely be more comforting if we can simply talk to them, and after all they are all HUMANS. Once we Smile and talk to these people all we then get is an awesome experience of their hospitality.


The examples and illustrations of real life situations are never ending and non exhaustive.

Anyway, It doesn’t cost us to compliment anybody, in fact in doing so the same very quality is invoked in us also. So my only request to you is to choose wisely and choose to be HUMAN more than anything or anybody else on the Planet and as any knowledgeable person would know ONE MUST ALWAYS SHOW GRATITUDE.

I know I am making a difference in this world, the question is

Are you or are you not & whether you really care for your own self development and the development of the Society on the whole or not...???

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excess Baggage..... What a wait.... WEIGHT

Excess Baggage….!!!! What a story…!!!!

Well I finished my Final exams….. completed my MBA n was shifting back home to Bombay to be with Mom n Sister, Dad’s in Chennai though….!!!

I left the very next day on the 23rd of April cos I had to surprise my Mom by being there for her Birthday on 24th April.

My dad had booked tickets for me by Jet Airways. I had like 3 huge Suitcases with all my stuff and a Laptop Bag.

My Flight was at 8.30 p.m but then since one cannot trust the Delhi traffic jams I decided to leave very early, I left by 5 p.m. Took an Auto-Rickshaw had to pay him Rs. 350 to get to the Airport.

I reach the airport well before time. Reached the check in counter, I met this beautiful lady there Ms. Shivangi. She was very kind enough to say,

Sir your baggage exceeds the permissible weight by 34 Kgs.”

That’s when the questions asked by my friends began to hit me like arrows darting into me, their precise questions like if I will be allowed to carry off so much weight on to the air craft without having to pay for the excess.

I kept my composure and looking at her I just smiled and told her, Ma’am you have to find a way out for me.

She said, Sir, “that’s way above my authority to wave off.”

I simply said you have to find a way, and after saying this in a very low voice I asked her, “how much will I have to pay in case I am choose to pay.”

She said it will be 200 per kg n I ws in excess by 34 kgs.

I felt so silly with all co passengers staring at me. It was just so funny to be there with a GRIN on my face with this feeling that I know I am going to take my luggage without paying a penny.

Shivangi in the meantime went to discuss my case with her superior.

She came back and then asked me to speak to her Superior. Her Boss said that “she has further waved off n I now will have to pay for just 14 Kgs.”

But then I dint even have a single penny at hand to pay for luggage.

The only thing that never went off my face was the SILLY GRIN.

Just when I began to think about where I could leave my luggage in Delhi, Shivangi calls for me and says, Well how much MONEY do you have.? I said almost nothing, and I handed her my college ID CARD.

She said, wait let me check,

She simply began to SMILE and said okay GO ON AHEAD…. I will CHECK YOUR BAGGAGE IN…..

I was simply astounded and very Happy…… I dint even have to pay a single penny for 34 kgs of extra baggage.

Few Important Lessons I learnt

  • Always keep SMILING, you never know who falls for you.
  • Reach the airport early so that you have time at hand to NEGOTIATE
  • Never try to over smart the airline authorities by combining our luggage with any co passengers, as that is also against the law.
  • Never forget to leave a proper appreciation for anyone who helps you, all I did was fill up the appreciation form for her.
  • Always realize that, everybody is doing their DUTY in the best possible manner.

Appreciate everybody’s work and you will see that things will fall into place, just like how it did for me at the AIRPORT. Thimgs could have been more worse, but then my ATTITUDE AND SMILE did it for me.

Mazaaa aa gaya……. What a WEIGHT....... cheeeeeeeezzzzz