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This blog is a birds eyeview of my life. Varying from trekking adventures to rocking satsangs, from coffee shops to college canteens, Fidgetting with fun and enthusiasm... learning and spreading the art of breadth and the joy in smiling....... This is simply an UNWINDING of a few thoughts that are stuck in my Mind....!!!

Life's always a full circle, what goes around has to come around, so why stop to enjoy the pain and suffering when we can drool in the joy and happiness....!!!!

A Complete 360 Degree...!!!

My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Friday, May 14, 2010


I get up in the morning, how I wish YOU are the first face I see, yours are the EYES I gaze into, when I sip tea, how I wish you had made it for me.. When I have breakfast…. How I wish you were one how had prepared it. I want you everywhere… I want you all the while.. Not because I am selfish or greedy….
but because I am crazily in love with you…. Without you around in life the space is something that can be filled…. It aint a feeling that can be suppressed.. So all I need is for you to be with me always and all the while….

The list aint over…

When I drive how much I wish you were the one beside me… When I am in the park… how much I wish you are the one walking alongside….. When in the bus…. How much I wish you sat next to me…. How much I simply wonder that all our journeys are similar… all our endeavors can be fulfilled by our deeds together… How I wonder about the time we can spend together in a BON- FIRE simply gazing into each other in the dim light.
How wonderful would it be if we get to have Dinner together…. In fact I am okay with Breakfast, Lunch or even High Tea….. When I am shopping… trying to find out things that I want to buy…. but if you were around with me…. Then the choosing gets easy….
Watching TV with you would mean full of fun… though it would be only a few SERIALS… but then lying in your lap…. Fidgeting with your DUPATTA and disturbing my sweetheart would always be fun..
MUSIC is something that both of us enjoy… though its different styles.. just to keep the dimples in your cuteness… I’d listen to all the oldies in your collection… now I always wonder why you aren’t around to get me to enjoy all kinds of music because all the all the music and the lyrics just simply seem to pass by…
How I wonder when the day would come… when I don’t have to gulp down the juices all by myself and can share it with you instead…. When the lights go off… how I wish I was with you… keeping you from getting scared….. When its Lightening and thunder I’d wanna be with you my Love….
Now whenever it is raining, drizzling or cats n dogs….. I’d sit sipping tea…. Wondering how much fun it would be to get drenched in the rain… dancing with you…. When I read how much I wish you were there to help me understand every single word … my guide & my philosopher sweet angel…
When I stare at the CALENDAR… how much I wish I’d be with you everyday…. I wish all the dates set me up with n number of DATES with you all the while…
Whenever you are not HAPPY… how much I wish I can take away all the SORROW… Put it deep inside me and still give you all the happiness that you deserve…
On my birthday… how I wish you were around with me….. instead of being so far away…… wish I could hear you sing for me….
Whenever I am happy… you are simply the only reason… its only your heart that pounds on for me… the way mine’s rigorously pounds on for you…. When I say I LOVE YOU…. How I wish you were around for me to hold you and give you all the HUGS n KISSES crazily that which you deserve so dearly….

YOU simply are EVERYWHERE for me in EVERYTHING … in EVERYWAY….