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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Excess Baggage..... What a wait.... WEIGHT

Excess Baggage….!!!! What a story…!!!!

Well I finished my Final exams….. completed my MBA n was shifting back home to Bombay to be with Mom n Sister, Dad’s in Chennai though….!!!

I left the very next day on the 23rd of April cos I had to surprise my Mom by being there for her Birthday on 24th April.

My dad had booked tickets for me by Jet Airways. I had like 3 huge Suitcases with all my stuff and a Laptop Bag.

My Flight was at 8.30 p.m but then since one cannot trust the Delhi traffic jams I decided to leave very early, I left by 5 p.m. Took an Auto-Rickshaw had to pay him Rs. 350 to get to the Airport.

I reach the airport well before time. Reached the check in counter, I met this beautiful lady there Ms. Shivangi. She was very kind enough to say,

Sir your baggage exceeds the permissible weight by 34 Kgs.”

That’s when the questions asked by my friends began to hit me like arrows darting into me, their precise questions like if I will be allowed to carry off so much weight on to the air craft without having to pay for the excess.

I kept my composure and looking at her I just smiled and told her, Ma’am you have to find a way out for me.

She said, Sir, “that’s way above my authority to wave off.”

I simply said you have to find a way, and after saying this in a very low voice I asked her, “how much will I have to pay in case I am choose to pay.”

She said it will be 200 per kg n I ws in excess by 34 kgs.

I felt so silly with all co passengers staring at me. It was just so funny to be there with a GRIN on my face with this feeling that I know I am going to take my luggage without paying a penny.

Shivangi in the meantime went to discuss my case with her superior.

She came back and then asked me to speak to her Superior. Her Boss said that “she has further waved off n I now will have to pay for just 14 Kgs.”

But then I dint even have a single penny at hand to pay for luggage.

The only thing that never went off my face was the SILLY GRIN.

Just when I began to think about where I could leave my luggage in Delhi, Shivangi calls for me and says, Well how much MONEY do you have.? I said almost nothing, and I handed her my college ID CARD.

She said, wait let me check,

She simply began to SMILE and said okay GO ON AHEAD…. I will CHECK YOUR BAGGAGE IN…..

I was simply astounded and very Happy…… I dint even have to pay a single penny for 34 kgs of extra baggage.

Few Important Lessons I learnt

  • Always keep SMILING, you never know who falls for you.
  • Reach the airport early so that you have time at hand to NEGOTIATE
  • Never try to over smart the airline authorities by combining our luggage with any co passengers, as that is also against the law.
  • Never forget to leave a proper appreciation for anyone who helps you, all I did was fill up the appreciation form for her.
  • Always realize that, everybody is doing their DUTY in the best possible manner.

Appreciate everybody’s work and you will see that things will fall into place, just like how it did for me at the AIRPORT. Thimgs could have been more worse, but then my ATTITUDE AND SMILE did it for me.

Mazaaa aa gaya……. What a WEIGHT....... cheeeeeeeezzzzz


  1. Very Interesting!!! Awesome yaar!!! I loved it... What a fantastic way of expressing ur feelings... :D


  2. guruji's grace!!!!

  3. omg...
    it ws truly amazing...
    if i wr at dis situation, mera to pta ni kya hota..!! lol..
    gud.. proud f u.. haha..

  4. Thats true..... Smiling is the most potent of our possessions.... Even though i myself use it miserly......:P

  5. Great Sharon .. Guruj i grace, He always says make a BIG SMILE .. FIR DEKHO KAM KASE HOTA HAI....i like it ... plz write more experiences...!!!!

  6. Simply Guru grace.. :)

  7. tu toh bhai smile karke logon ki jaan bhi maang sakta hai... ussko pata bhi nahin chalega ki kya hua...

  8. @Devyani, Ashish, Neha Chittal, Rocky, Shipra- Thank u so much

  9. @Priyanka & Anand - You hav to start SMILING... it gets u out of lots of situations

  10. @Inderjot - More will surely come with time n experience

  11. @Dhami - I never realised that ability in me..lol..... will surely concentrate on it

  12. wow...:):)....sharon....Smile..is our mithi chhuri...indeed..!!.....i remember my frnz standing in d library queue for the card renewal for over an hour...n i dint knew it was d last day for ol dat stuff...n moreover,i was not carryng d requird docs....
    krna kya thaa!!!!...Jst entrd d lib....straight to mam vdou standing in d lyn...SMILED..n Politely requested hr to do d needful....a minute later...n my job was done!!!...out flaunting....:)...n cud c d envious faces of my co-mates!!.....lol....

  13. You are a very good writer too...I wasn't aware that beside your spiritual inclination, your knowledge, intelligence you possess this quality too.

    Awesome man..awesome...your writing touches the soul with your face in eyes and voice in ears...

    Surely you gonna be a great personality in life.Hope to hear something from you that you achieved and at the level where you deserve, wanna be..

    A keen observer
    A learner from everything.
    A man with words.

    A lot about you I could observe.

    I wish you a great luck dear.

    Dipanshu Bansal

  14. @Suvidha - Envious Co- Passengers in my case n classmates in ur case..... all because of this SILLY GRIN on our face.... I LOVE things this way....

  15. @Dipanshu - Thank u fr such a wonderful insight into my own self.... thank u fr all the wishes

  16. really a nice experience to share...m sure going 2 use this trick when reqd....

  17. Awesomely written!
    it's just so awesome to come across incidents when your smile and attitude does it for you.
    Some might call luck...we call it grace!
    Keep writing!
    Simply stunning!
    Jai Gurudeva :)

  18. @Divya- U vl hav a very easy time gettin past difficulties n obstacles.... SMILE is the best thing.... I'd say.... dat "one is never fully dressed untill he/she wears a SMILE on their FACE....

  19. @Kratik - thank u so mch.... n ya GRACE it is.....

  20. @Sharon...

    Amazing writing ....d lessons u mentioned which u learnt....amazingly simple n effective....xcellent application of knowledge :)

  21. Was really interesting to read ur real life experience in the simplest of language and ur right 1 should keep smiling as its make u think properly as u r calm and in a position to think .

  22. wah! yaar mazaa aa gaya. Superb:)

  23. kya carlsberg kyu airlines n managemnt students ki baja rha hai.....

  24. haha...wht a lesson...i ll urely remb u durng my crises

  25. @Aditya n Satish - Thank u so much
    @Sukeerti - Do read the rest tooo.... lol
    @Tushar - Mazaa ataa hai
    @Kapil - All da best

  26. gud yaar.......happened to me also once but i guess i was nt smiling that time,had to cut shot of some baggage......gud lesson .

  27. super duper amazing..i seriously like when people write about daily life,common people,daily solutions..
    keep up the good work !!
    i am waiting to read some more blogs!!

  28. @Varun - Next time you know what to do :-)
    @Disha - thank u so mch... n many blogs vl follow

  29. ahh..!!! so for d first tym commenting on ur blog...

    hey sharoon....loved to read ur experience n definitely had left a smile on ma face...:)
    ur post is amazing..

    see i believe ahh..ahh...
    i believe in having same feeling in ma mind,heart n expressions so it is quite difficult to keep smiling to d world while from mind n heart u feeling smethin else...so smile wen u feel lyk smile. I follow it by heart......cheers..!!!!(its ma philosophy ;so follow it if u feel lyk else cheers..)
    so keep ur mind n heart smiling den u'll automatically smile to d world even in worse situation....

  30. @Sonam - M so happy dat i made u smile n that this blog encouraged u enough to comment.... Oh yes.. Indeed... The way u Say... every CELL on our BODY has to be consciously SMILING and its only then that we hav the AURA about us....!!!


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