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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chaddi...!!! He he...!!!

Our favourite metaphor during graduation days “CHADDI”. The entire gang would use it always and everywhere. Most of it would be when someone starts bragging, boasting about one self or the moment one starts talking about studies or beautiful girls. Only one word would suffice the entire argument “CHADDI”. It would simply mean –

“Tu aaj chaddi pehen k hai kya, agar pehna hai to zyada mat faila usse.. Fatt Jayegi.”

(Have you worn your underwear today..?? If you have then don’t stretch it beyond limits, it will tear apart.)

When someone would say that he is gonna top the exam, the shout would be CHADDI again.

While playing pool if someone goes for a wild shot, the shout would be CHADDI again.

When attempting a long range free kick all the players would only say CHADDI.

This metaphor would like keep us all on our toes. It simply got us all into the challenge mode, wherein we would actually strive to do only those things that others thought was beyond our CHADDI.

If at all anyone talks about a beautiful girl in college, the shout would be CHADDI again. I always felt that it’s much better to at least make an attempt to get things right than to accept fate or whatever other people have to comment about these issues. One would hear comments like – Bhai, ladki bahut hi sundar hai, terese nahi pategi. Or say Bhai, yaar bahut zyada padaku ladki hai, pyar vyar me nahi padegi. These girls would not be interested in being friends too. But then it’s all about at least letting the girl know how much feelings you have for her or even to just be friends. ‘One will surely have to go beyond one’s Chaddi to be with the best.’

We would keep a continuous smile on our face. I remember the time when our 12th board results were out, my friends were actually singing and dancing near the display board, while everyone thought they were among the toppers in college, what they dint realize was that these guys were actually celebrating failure. ‘They hadn’t passed the exams but they still had the courage to go way beyond their CHADDI and celebrate and enjoy.’

Oh yeah Chaddi... was used again when I told my gang that I am going to start BLOGGING.

I never got stuck with what someone else believed, if all was well within me I always was game for it and give it my best shot full on. It was all about setting my own trends and wearing CHADDI’s of my size and stretching every limit of it to win”.

The very reason I blogged this was just simply cos the gang’s CHADDI so reminded me of the way I go about my life, by being game for anything and everything and to live my life without regrets whatsoever.


  1. ChaDDiiiii

    keep jiVin to thE deVine TuNes bro'


  2. bosss bhariii hai
    toone sab ladko ki chaddi ki shaan badha diii]
    chaddi pe chaddi chaddi pe chaddi
    wahhh kyaa baat

  3. Bado Bado Ki CHADDI utar dega yar!!!!!

    Grt going n keep it stretching....hahahaha!!!!


  4. Never knew there's so much to learn from a chADDI!! lol :D
    Good 1 Sharon! :)

  5. nice one buddy . . .
    actally motivating and funny too !!

    Vishal Samnotra

  6. u have broken ur chaddi limits :) !!! your grand chaddi lfe must be truly memorable for you :D
    I can see that :)

    He he:D

    JAI guru dev

  7. juz gotta say-yeh chaddi toh dil pe chhaa gayi.. rofl :D
    LOVE YOU bro..

  8. hahahahaha....gud 1!!
    quite a CHADDI thought!!!

  9. to be honest dis CHADDI ka concept ki soo cool.....dis actually motivates u to go beyond ur chaddi!!
    i am gonna try and stretch my chaddi jitna bhi possible ho!!!
    vaibhav b.

  10. Sharon, rightly said, I loved this! :D


  11. WOW...This post simply reminds me my engineering college days.Where people study less and make such metaphors more. A place where creativity starts at 3AM in the morning.We had some similar metaphors which i feel that i should write here. It has got some A sign word but please bear as you bear all A sign movies,which you guys watch with great sincerity. one such patented dialog was: G**ND ME ITNA GOLI MARENGE KI GHAR WALE PEETAL BECH KE AMEER HO JAYENGE. I shall put that much number of bullets in your ass so that your family become rich when they ll sell all the brass. heights of creativity.
    Same with this chaddi creativity. Sharon tried to strech his chaddi in very nice manner. dude be careful teri chaddi ko kisi ki nazar na lag jaye............:)

  12. Chaddi chaddi pe likha hai pehanane waale ka naam ;)

  13. Nice one Vivek.... vl have to remember dis one..... man i gotta b sellin lots of BRASS....!!!

  14. chaddi ka kamal
    chaddi ka dhamal
    chaddi aan baan shaan
    chaddi pahno mere jan.............lolz
    -Priyanka Ghosh

  15. sharon ne kamaal kar diya

    chaddi ko phaad kar rumaal kar diya!!!!

  16. awesome dude n ya vivek u r awesome too....
    but aaj kal tatti bhi chalu h :P

  17. chadiii chadiiii is on my mind
    Chadiii chadiii

  18. hahahahha !!! funny and motivating dude.. good one I always get impressed the way u express ur thoughts Sharon... :D


  19. :D well its good to see you have gone beyond what other thought you could do....congratulations and all the best bhaiya!!

  20. like it..like it...chaddi fatt gai hogi aapki...nayi le aanaa....:P

  21. hahaha...thts a gud 1.....colg daz r amazing... :)

  22. Hahahaha , gud one Sharon bhai . College ke din yaad aa gaye . keep it up dude .

  23. haha..soo funny !!
    very well written
    :-D :-D

  24. kya chaaddiii hai..........subhan aalaahh....

  25. Ye ChaDDIIiiii ka wierd concept...meri samajh se bahar h Sharoon

  26. arey.....!!!
    ase koi na hota hai....
    hupp....!!! :p


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