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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Visit to the Golden Temple

Ah...Well... this isn’t about me being in Amritsar and that Golden Temple. It’s in fact a visit to the Golden Temple, this one being located in a village called SRIPURAM, near Vellore. For quite some time my folks were planning to visit this temple. My uncle would say that this temple houses loads of gold, they have in fact gold plated the entire central structure of the temple.

On arriving at Sripuram, I was amazed at what was there in a village that had nothing but this temple. We had managed to get through with some VIP entry, but lemme tell you guys, walk... walk  n walk more was all that we did for a very long time after entering the temple premises. No cell phones were allowed inside the temple. There were small stores on the path way wherein we could buy water and some snacks in order to keep walking more.

When we reached the central Shrine of the temple, it was amazingly beautiful, situated inside a pool of water that had well carved elephant heads cut out in the sides from whose trunk water was flowing into the pool. To add to all these was  the glowing sun,  which simply made the shrine glitter. As we neared the middle, we saw that Goddess Lakshmi aka Narayani Amma was absolutely magnificient. She was very very elegant and superbly decorated. We had the priviledge of watching the entire pooja.

I had a great experience. I would recommend a visit to this temple in case you travel down south.


  1. I also have been to golden temple n so beautifuly u've described ur visit to dis holy place,feel like visiting again...:)

  2. One can keep going there time and again, do lemme know wen u go next time, vl try n make special arrangements...!!!


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