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This blog is a birds eyeview of my life. Varying from trekking adventures to rocking satsangs, from coffee shops to college canteens, Fidgetting with fun and enthusiasm... learning and spreading the art of breadth and the joy in smiling....... This is simply an UNWINDING of a few thoughts that are stuck in my Mind....!!!

Life's always a full circle, what goes around has to come around, so why stop to enjoy the pain and suffering when we can drool in the joy and happiness....!!!!

A Complete 360 Degree...!!!

My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bouquet Girl !!!!!

This was when I saw a pretty girl with a bouquet, walking close to Forum Mall, she just got off the Auto and glanced towards me when I smiled and she smiled back too. I took it one step ahead when I asked her if it was her Brother's Bday ??? She turned around smiled and nodded to say No. Her smile was even wider and she blushed more by the passing second.

This is definitely a moment to remember for a lifetime.

Was fun !!!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kavya's Wedding

Kavya is one of my oldest friends from childhood. We probably hadn't met for like at least about 10-15 years. We have been in touch through facebook for about a year now. It was good to know that she was getting hitched. I went for the reception and forgot to get my camera along. I just attended the function. It was fun when I got on stage with my Parents & Mallesh Uncle, her Dad. He stopped me on my tracks and asked kavya to recognize me and she instantly recognized me and it was all smiles and the party continued.

I got back the next day and this time with all the ammunition to click away. Though a new kid on the block with a camera. I was kind of happy for some decent pics I managed. It was fun clicking in a wedding, that too one of my best from childhood. It was just awesome.

Some of my Fav's are just put down below.

These are some of my favorite pics apart from the others that i clicked.

My Tryst with the Monkey Clan

The Surprise Birthday Gift to the UNKNOWN

This was more of helping a awesome friend in crisis. I received a call sometime on Monday while I was driving. It was Varun, who was like how far is ITC Windsor manor from your home/office and do you know any Cup Cake shop in Bangalore, I was like yes there are a few in Indiranagar and then there is always Just Dial. I asked why ?? and he said, its one of his friends Birthday tomorrow i.e Tueday and that he wants Cup Cakes to be delivered to her.

I said ok and asked him to give me a reminder call on Tuesday morning, which he promptly did. I made a few calls and found out that Bite Me Company was Open in Indiranagar and that I could get the Cup Cakes from there. I called them up and asked them to make sure there are Half a Dozen cup cakes for me.

In all this I had forgotten to ask Varun his friends name. All I remember was him telling me that he has a friend working in ITC Windsor Manor, Bangalore and that I had to make sure she got her Cup Cakes for her birthday.

So with this vital information I got the Cup Cakes and rode to ITC, there I reached the reception and there were these guys who were staring at me, as I was wearing these fully formal clothes with my helmet in one hand and this Cup Cake parcel in the other. I was like, dude its one of your colleague's birthday today and she should more or less be a pass out from Manipal. They had this weird sarcastic look on their face and then one of the guys looked at me and said yes we have a Girl whose birthday it is, but she is on leave. I said wow, he was like do you know her name and I was like, no shit - I dont. But then he was kind enough to call her up and then I spoke to her - NIDHI and told her I am Varun Vishvesh's friend and that I was there at her Office's reception to hand over her Bday cake.

She was like thank you so much. You may please leave the cakes in the recption and that she would collect it from there in the Evening.

All this major confusion happenend because Varun's Phone concked off wherein he wasnt able to charge his phone and so I was not able to get in touch with him. But then I thought having known his request and his wish to surprise his friend, i dint wanna play spoilsport to the surprise and so I just went ahead with delivering the Cup Cake.

having done that, i now know that Varun and his friends are very happy and that NIDHI also got a pleasant birthday surprise.

Once again, Happy Birthday NIDHI !!!!!!

Thanks to Varun Vishvesh for an eventful tuesday !!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Shivgange - Ride & Trek

As planned on the previous ride, I was all clear on where i was headed to this weekend. All I wasn’t sure was, who would partner me if at all someone would join in. This time it was Ravi who somehow managed to scrape some time off on a sunday from his busy schedule that he adheres to all week as vasu Sir was on some pre planned work at home.
We started at about 12.15 near Vasu Sir’s house. We both headed on to Tumkur highway and continued on our merry ways untill we realized that we both had to fill petrol. We stopped for Gas and then vroomed on.
The road was awesome, we reached Dabbaspet and took the left to Shivgange and reached there by around 1.30 pm. We parked our bikes and started the climb.
The climb has a few temples, Devi Temple and Shiva Temple to begin with before the actual climb to the Top begins. On the top there is a beautiful statue of Nandi carved out of single. The climb to the top is about two kilometers from the parking lot. But this is actually more of a steep climb that most trekking enthusiasts will enjoy. The climb was very steep, but was manageable.
The climate was very windy and cool yesterday and so we were able to cover the distance more easily. We enjoyed the trek, as it began drizzling on our way to the top, the camera wasn’t put to action. But once the rain stopped, we began clicking and manged to get a few decent snaps.
The descent downhill was as mush scary as the ascend. My legs began disco dancing (shaking) after a certain point of time, because of the jerks my knees had to encounter.
It was fun spending a sunday enjoying in a different way.
Shivganage – 65 kms from Blore
Time Taken – 1.5 hours
Route – Blore – Dabbaspet – left to Shivgange
Road – Decent roads.

PS : Photos will be uploaded soon.