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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Petrol or Muscle Power.... for my BIKE

Me Driving a Harley

Bikes zoom past us, most of them rash, other safe while a few are thorough professionals. I have been on Bikes for almost 10 years now. I love biking and never let go of any opportunity to hit the road. Been vroooming all this long, believing that “Petrol was the secret ingredient that gets my vehicle moving”. The kilometers my bike moves is directly proportional to the petrol that is poured into it.

But then many a times when I had a PUNCTURED TYRE or say NO FUEL my bike STOPPED but wouldn’t come to a standstill, it would simply continue to march on ahead.

In the first situation of a punctured tyre, if I drive, it would damage my tyre and at the most it can damage my RIMS but cannot do anything beyond that to my bike.

When there is no fuel, the bike it can still move on. All it needs is a little bit of help from the muscular me. Yeah, I just have to push it along to the nearest Petrol Station.

Me, Gurpreet and Mohit at 2.00 am, Noida

We were on our way back home on a PULSAR (tripling) having a fun ride as we always do, scaring the shit out of the stray dogs by barking at them, waving at the gate keepers, having candy ice creams. Only this time the bike suddenly felt wayward and I realized that the TYRE IS FLAT. All we did was first get off the bike and laugh at ourselves saying – “Apni to Lag Gayi”, and then decided to walk it out and manually power the bike as it wasn’t safe to leave the bike on the road. We again were engrossed in some discussion and continued walking home; the distance was about 4 kms. Suddenly out of no where a gentleman who was on his way to sec 62 to meet his girlfriend, stops by and asks us, “Bhai, Sab Thik Hai…??”, we narrated the incident, he said, ‘I will give you a lift’, Me and Gurpreet hopped on to his bike, while Mohit drove the punctured pulsar (sitting on the petrol tank). We had reached home safe and sound without much trouble. We thanked him and before we knew it, he was already on his way to meet his Girlfriend.

Alone, 11.30 am, DND FLYWAY towards Gurgaon

Petrol in the Bike got over. I dint know what to do, it just seemed like as if I will have to muscle power the vehicle for about 10 kms to the nearest petrol station. I again simply resigned to fate and began powering my bike. (I had tried out means like completely tilting the bike to one side and also blowing air into the petrol tank). Suddenly out of nowhere someone stops by to ask me what happened, I told him the entire incident, he said he will TOW the vehicle for me. He towed me to the nearest gas station in Faridabad Road near Ashram. Once there he just waved goodbye and left. I was just so elated and happy to the core.

And many many more such incidents….

By these simple examples what I learnt and applied in life is that

  • No matter how worse the situation is, just by simply accepting it the chances of getting a solution increases by leaps and bounds.
  • When life threw shit at me, I must have enough courage to keep walking on and have faith and belief that I will come through as WINNER in all situations.
  • I realized that all the sorrows are temporary; the only problem is that I simply held on to it, rather than just letting go of it.
  • Any damage if at all is just at the surface level; deep down it’s for good.
  • I don’t have a choice, but to stay Happy all our life.
  • I figured out how to get out of it problems without Cribbing and Crying.
  • I also learnt to say TRY ME instead of WHY ME.
Life has simply been a revelation since I learnt that Petrol isn’t exactly what motors a BIKE. So if a BIKE can move on without Petrol, then with all the powers bestowed upon me I choose to move on beyond all the silly troubles and to be the CHEERFULLEST at all times.


  1. very nicely presented simple fact of life..along with our efforts, our faith and will power also drives things in our life..which i must admit most of them neglect.
    for Aol members I must say its all guru grace... :)
    good write up Sharon......

  2. Good One Bro. Tripling thing doesn't suits you :D:D...

  3. yeah true sharon. pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. do u remember "art of living' place of that bike wala ?


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