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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Monday, August 23, 2010

FREEDOM ....... isn't it….??? From HOME...???

Well, to begin with I have always been the types who has yearned and longed for FREEDOM. That is to simply be away from HOME and the constant glares of Mom n Dad, no silly arguments, no torturous deadlines. Having been with them all my childhood, I finally got my change when I was 22.

I moved to Hyderabad, to complete a Post Graduate Diploma. My stay there was for about 9 months. We would jokingly call the course a PREGNANCY TERM. J I stayed in a hostel, learned to handle money, made new friends, learnt how to adjust and survive when left alone. The time was Joyous, spent crazily watching loadza movies, partying and gobbling up CHICKEN BIRYANI. Time simply whizzed past, I had landed a job offer in Reliance General Insc Co Ltd as a Sr. Exec in Underwriting.

I got back home to Mumbai, and I got placed in the Regional Office in Mumbai, where I worked for more than a year and half. Then I decided to pursue further higher studies MBA in Insc. The course was full time for 2 years in AMITY UNIVERSITY, NOIDA.

I reached Noida, college began and with it all the partying and fun, long drives, jam sessions at home, playing football at will, no real time deadlines to meet, nothing no rules nothing at all. I was having the time of my life with all the fun, it was like NO HOLDS BARRED fun for me.  

"I always wanted to be free as a BIRD and here I was, free as an EAGLE, flying all over the SKY”.

As time passed by the fun never really reduced, the adventure trips were there, so were the night outs, the biking trips, the ghazal nights at home, the amazing cooking sessions, the Bun Tikkis, the Choley Bhatures, the Red Bulls nothing really stopped, it all increased and life was more fun than ever.

In spite of all this fun and amusement I began missing Mom’s Food, the morning tea time with her, the constant chats we had on various family issues and other topics. Dad’s all time Advice sessions were missed, his constant glares that would bring a shiver across my spine, though he wouldn’t know or rather he did know. I missed fighting for the television remote with my sister. My sister who has always been a helping hand, when ever I was in a mess, she would be the one who sent out the SOS message that meant that I had to reach home ASAP in order to avoid any serious discussion. She would in simple terms always save my BUNNY ASS.

I always thought that they all have always interfered with my FREEDOM and kept on restricting me for anything and everything, now gradually realized that there was always something more to it, than just the curb to my freedom, its like they always wanted to protect me from anything bad, anything at all. The love has always been there whether I was home or not, its just that I was blinded by so many illusions that I never really saw or rather understood any of it.

The Crazy mistakes that I know look upon and have learnt from are

  • Didn’t have a proper definition and understanding of FREEDOM
  • Never really understood what LOVE is and how much they loved me.
  • I didn’t know that they are just the 3 people who have accepted me the way I am.
  • Arguing with them at all times for no reason at all.
  • I ignorantly valued FRIENDSHIP more than necessary.
  • I LIED so that I could go out and party with so called friends.
  • Never understood that all they wanted is for me to be happy.
My Biggest Realization -

“When I was a KID my world always revolved around them and them alone, and I was their only world, but now since I have grown up the equation has only changed from my side, my world has changed now and it now revolves around friends and sports and many other things but for my Parents, I AM STILL THE WORLD.”

I was in tears when I realized that, everything they did was because they never wanted to see me broken and shattered for any reason at all. Now that I have cleared all the clouds, illusions and doubts as they call it all. I simply would vouch for the fact that it’s always better to be HOME with that sense of Responsibility, Fear, Love, Fun, Disappointment and all emotions put together. It’s the one place on earth where every desire of each and every individual is taken care of.


From Then to Now 

Freedom has changed forever
Love you Mom, Dad, Sista
Home Sweet Home


  1. Hey Sharoon, very well written man! Very Touching indeed and your words have so much more meaning as they carry your intense realizations.. Made a lot sense to me.. even i've this craving for the so called FREEDOM, but your post is an eye opener!
    Awesome stuff! :)

  2. Hey Jainil, I kinda had dis penned down when i was in delhi... n ever since i wanted to put it on ma blog..... thanx fr d feedback....

  3. Hey sharoon........very Impressive....Really loved it......Now I am missing my home...:(..


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