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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Thank You" – What an Amazing Expression to show GRATITUDE

Well people this is just another assimilation of some of our day to day activities.

How many people to we normally encounter in our lives on each and every given day in our lives…??
The answer from most of you has to be either I don’t know or I’m not sure.

Well let’s just REWIND or FAST FORWARD our lives a bit, and check how many people we meet on any given day.

Early in the morning, invariably we meet the Newspaper wala, the Doodh Wala, the Safai Karmachari, the Kachra Wala and many more. Then as the day progresses and as we reach colleges and offices we meet the Watchman’s, the Driver’s, the Lab Attendants, the Peon’s, the Lift Wala’s, the Local Train Driver, the Bus Driver, the Conductor, the Auto Wala and so on and so forth.

Have any of you ever bothered to notice as to how POLITE these people are in most cases …??? In case they are IMPATIENT and RUDE how many have tried to find out WHY….???

Most of them would always in most cases be very DISTURBED in life, one can’t blame them for that as that is a because of their LIFESTYLE, the way they have so much stress in their lives, be it their habits- alcohol, tobacco or what not, or be it their so called Poverty or the ever burdened shoulders. They still pull off doing everything that they have to do, in a way that is way beyond the parlance of our understanding.

What I am getting onto is, in how many interactions with these people have we really asked them something genuine about their lives or  made an effort to at least tell them what is wrong and what is right….??? Like asking them to quit Alcohol or Tobacco…??? Possibly never or maybe just a few times that we can count with our very own tiny fingers.

The very moment we say THANK YOU to any body, they just feel so very uplifted and its because of our attitude wherein we show so much gratitude in thanking them for their services. In many occasions we just have to SMILE that’s it, but for some reason we choose not to, some EGO or the What If factor crops up in the Mind.

When I was a KID I was once told by my Parents to treat everybody with respect, no matter who they are and to this date I follow it very religiously. Anybody in the above list that I mentioned or any body else you can imagine I have always treated them with utmost respect and gratitude. People who know me would surely vouch for this fact.

I wouldn’t sit quietly in a Taxi or in an Auto or say stand in a Lift with talking to the Driver or the Operator. And once I have got the services I would never hesitate to say a simple THANK YOU and oblige the service. It is not just in the realm that we are paying for the services or not but, what would you like in case you had just helped someone to reach some where…??? unless you are GOD you would expect a thank you.

Then there are others too like the Watchman’s and Peon’s and many more….

In case you again check all the incidents when ever you needed help… it was these people who time and again are there to get you to places and in case these people aren’t there the very STATE OF THE MIND becomes very very IRRITATED. Imagine a day when none of these guys are there. Life would come to a stand still and I mean a STAND STILL.

Lemme share an experience, I was traveling by the BST bus number 440 that was bound for BORIVALI BUS STATION, I was to de-board at Pushpa Park Bus Stop, there was a Co Passenger who wanted to alight before the Andheri Flyover, but since this bus was a Non Stop Fast Category the driver kept to the right of the road and didn’t STOP anywhere close to the Flyover, he instead STOPPED at the next bus stop. The passenger was furious and began to hurl abuses at the driver, who got perturbed and did the same to the Co Passenger, after about another 3 odd stops I was at the front door as my STOP was nearing, as I was about to get off I Just looked at the driver smiled and said Thank You so much and that you are doing an amazing job. He then had this huge GRIN on his face.

I had made him happy, no doubt about that. Guys you are missing a point here, it is that in doing so I was again a very Happy Soul. I too had a HUGER GRIN on my face. We all have incidents like these in every sphere of life.

Even when we go to a restaurant to have food, how receptive are they, all we do is leaving a TIP for the services, it would surely be more comforting if we can simply talk to them, and after all they are all HUMANS. Once we Smile and talk to these people all we then get is an awesome experience of their hospitality.


The examples and illustrations of real life situations are never ending and non exhaustive.

Anyway, It doesn’t cost us to compliment anybody, in fact in doing so the same very quality is invoked in us also. So my only request to you is to choose wisely and choose to be HUMAN more than anything or anybody else on the Planet and as any knowledgeable person would know ONE MUST ALWAYS SHOW GRATITUDE.

I know I am making a difference in this world, the question is

Are you or are you not & whether you really care for your own self development and the development of the Society on the whole or not...???


  1. good going sharun...
    a very simple piece, with deep thoughts...and even difficult practises...really not sure how many of us thank these auto wala n the like,,,atleast i do like u, so m content n happy doing my bit,,,hope others start doing the same soon, then m sure this will be a more friendly & happier planet to stay in :))

  2. Awesome mate !! :) its so verymuch what we like to read !!

  3. hey Sharon
    its going good, but it can go better as few points i want to emphasize like color combination of your blog background or theme with your text.
    2nd thing Blog is somthing to show other what exactly this is, you know, it should show with in a sec. or just by having a glance on it what this blog is for.
    so i think dez points from my side are lacking. otherwise you are rocking man that everybody knows.
    My best wishes for your future.

  4. @Payal & Mihir - Thank You
    @Manush - Thank you for the insight.... I vl look into improving the aspects that u hav suggested..

  5. :)
    nyce.. realy..
    vll follow it..

  6. great sharon keep writing ... very great thought

  7. Well said sharon . I agree to each and every word of urs. I live on the same terms i.e. to feel belongingness with everybody.
    I also smile a lot, but still no where near you in terms of you capacity of smiling.
    Keep writing !!

    PS : Please improve the background n colors of blog. It is bit difficult to read.

  8. @Priyanka & Inderjot - Thank You So Much...!!!

  9. @Gurpreet - Bhai hope u remember all the incidents that we have had right from Laxmi Hotel, the B.P Juice wala, the Banta wala or be it anyone.... how much we used to simply strike a conversation and kind of help them inn the best possible manner we can. The time in sec 62 when we had gone fr dinner when Tanya was getting irritated by how someone was SMOKING and how you just got up and went and spoke to him and educated him...!!!

    U r simply someone whom i look upto, thank you for being there always.

    P.S - Have changed the look of the BLOG, hope u like it. lol


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