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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ode to the Padmanabhan

This post has been taken from http://nevermadeitasawiseman.blogspot.com/2011/02/ode-to-padmanabhan.html That is Raghav Mehrotra's Blog.

"He just pinged me on Fb one fine day and said Bhai.. I want you to check a link.... i really dint have much to say..... i have always been much of a reader and so i love to browse through blogs.... he just sent me a link and this is what i got to read that day."

In a strong desire not to break my new years i am here.. Not clearly knowing what to writ..well its not like thats the case every time but i usually hav a topic in my head.. None today..

Well i should write about something i have been delaying for quite some time.. To be precise from the 25th of december 2010 
Mr Sharon Padmanabhan.. And his blog unwinding..

Met him one day at a gathering.. some common friends we had.. Well he seemed different.. Both in the retarded way and the sweet n joyful way..

But i soon realized that his retardation was one of the coolest things that evening..

So here was a fun loving sweet guy.. Okay..

one day on fb he had put up a link to his blog.. Out of sheer boredom n hope for a shot of madness i checked it out..

I can remember which post it was but i remembering saying to myself." okay dude! This stuff is really good." it wasent the madness i had expected it was who he was.. It was beautiful.. Heart felt stuff...

His blog gave a good feeling.. Something was there in the way he wrote that u had to read more.. I remember once when i knew that i dint hav anything to do in the metro i copied all the old posts of his to my ipod at home and for 45 min just read his stuff.. Heart warming to down right funny.. He can control your feelings for the time you r reading his posts..

I owe him a lot. As it is because of him that i started blogging.. I know the blog is not very famous yet but one day it will b.. I just kno it cuz writing gives me this good feeling its like a thirst being quenched.. And before i read sharoon bhs simple take on things around one self i would hav never gotten down to actually writing...

Thank you bh..

I kno u kno but still.. u rock..

"I have always had people coming up to me to say, Bhai you are this and you are that, you did this and that, but this was for the first time that someone had taken the time and pain to actually sit and pen down their feelings for my actions. "

Thanx a TON Raghav. (http://nevermadeitasawiseman.blogspot.com)

You are a Super Star.

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