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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Monday, December 6, 2010

Smiling BERRY

Some day last month both my phones simply went OUT OF ORDER.

The Sony Erickson just Blanked Out and my Nokia battery got pregnant.
I was without a Mobile for almost 2 weeks, feeling completely free and joyous.
I was simply UNTRACEABLE and given the fact that I love travelling and moving around places,
it became really difficult for friends and family to get a hold of me. I thoroughly enjoyed all the time that i had.
Went on Night outs with friends, played snooker all night, cricket, roaming all around Delhi, getting around loads of institutes and many many crazy stuff.

When Dad got back to Mumbai from Chennai all he wanted to do was to get me a phone, cause he was so fed up of not being able to trace me. We went to the store to get a new mobile and all i did was sit move around in the Mall without really getting close to DAD. All I did was put in a word in my Mom's ear telling her that BlackBerry is what she has to look out for. My Dad was still going through all the mobiles and not very very sure of which one to buy. That's exactly where Mom steps in and says, get him that Black berry Thing that he wants as it is his Birthday next month, and this would be a great gift. Mom increased the chance of getting the mobile many many folds when she added this last statement where she said If thats the phone he wants, then he would surely get one soon once he starts working and that's not long from now.

Within No time i had this BLACK BERRY CURVE.

Whoah... What a Smiling Berry.....!!!!


  1. Oh..great..it worked finally!!!! :) :)

  2. wow!!!i wish mere saath bhi aisa ho...btw nokia battery got pregnant ...hahahahahahahahha

  3. G8 strategy to get the fone....:P

  4. i want same to happen to me..!!!

  5. hahahaha :P nokia battery got pregnant....


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