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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Gotta Really HURT

A guy shifted to a new house, his close friend stayed just across the street.

For his first day in his new home he had an awesome time with all the new furniture’s, the garden, the kitchen, the washroom everything which was picture perfect. He was feeling so right about the situation that his JOY knew no bounds. The day passed and finally it was time for him to hit the sack as he was dead tired, he just flung himself and was asleep before he knew it. But then some disturbing crying/weeping/howling sound just woke him up and he could not continue sleeping as this sound was disturbing him. He just looked out through his window and saw a dog just outside his friend’s house crying in pain. He just somehow managed to find more sleep that night.

This continued for a few days before he could take it no more, he just decided to go to his friend’s house and inquire about the Crying DOG.

Once he knocked his friend's door, his friend came out and asked, what happened?

He asked why is the DOG crying..?? To which his friend replied that there is a NAIL/SPLINTER just below where the DOG is lying down.

He was like what..? Then why does the dog not move away....??

His friend then says, the NAIL/SPLINTER is not hurting the DOG enough.

That's exactly how we never ever move away from a problem because we really cling on to it until it
really really Hurts/Kills us. This happens mostly in relationship where one partner normally tends to take on all the abuse only because it isn't hurting enough. It also happens in very many other situations in life as we are very used to whatever has been happening for a very long time and that we have not really adapted to the changes around us.

One really needs to understand the gravity of the thing and never ever writ in pain when all that one has to do is MOVE ON before any further damage is really caused to our very nature.


  1. This is were v dont show our strength,we should understand this point of every relationship we have,we dont move out because we love the other person but we dont understand loving ourself is more important ...To respect ourself ,to respect our dignity .we have to accept this and move on..
    This was good one sharon....!!!

  2. What blend of thoughts Sharon!!!! I truely loved it!!! AWESOME :D:D

  3. Ooohhhhh.... Really Nice...loved it..

  4. Well said sharon...:) it was really nice meeting u at isckon:)

  5. well said bhaiya....it so so so so true :)


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