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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Sunday, April 11, 2010

RELATIONSHIP - A Gift or Curse

Life to begin with is a journey that one undertakes to travel in time. It begins from the time we were in our mother’s womb to the very last breath that we take on this very world that we live in. If one was to sit and wonder on how well one has managed to live on in life, one would actually know the simple and sweet details about one’s own self that we would have missed to notice, some good, some great, some miserable, some fair while others unfair and so on and so forth.

Painting by a dear friend Chitvi Kaur
RELATIONSHIP is something that gives an individual the capacity to actually sit and wonder how much we understand the nature of the worlds of compatibility, endurance, love, pain, torture, fun, aggression, grief and many many other bursts of feeling that we have. One needs to have some control over one’s own self to actually realize the very fact that we have the authority to actually make or break our RELATIONSHIP.

For me a friend is anybody who has elevated from my list of ACQUAINTANCES.

We may have lived life in a way wherein we have set a few codes and parameters on how we must treat others and how others can treat us. Am I Right....???

To answer this question all I want you all to do is to actually close your eyes and then simply take a few very long deep breadths to actually get your mind to a very calm and composed state. It is very necessary to be able to think straight and that too in full awareness. One has to be completely aware of the situation completely and know each and every thought that comes into our crazy mind.

One must not be in a condition wherein one wants to surrender in front of the other, citing a situation where they may hurt the other beyond repair. This is one feeling that completely disturbs a relationship and puts it to a complete test.

You might be friends but you might not have got together as good great friends, this might not necessarily be the end. Nor does it signify an end to a relationship. You were good acquaintances, there were moments where emotions were tossed up and so things went beyond repair. Disturbing all possible barriers and creating a certain havoc. Does that really mean that things cannot be repaired....??? 

All it requires you to do is to simply get along with that friend and sort of all the barriers that you think you have in your very head. All that one can do is to simply “Accept the person and the situation as they are” This is not as difficult as it seems. All one has to do is to simply completely accept the PERSON and the SITUATION as and how it is. This in a way makes it easy for an individual to be able to tackle the situation and also be easy to create the happy atmosphere and keep the rocking friendship.

Many other issues like ego clashes or for that matter’s issues on irritation or simply wherein one says I just can’t stand this person symptom or something weirder.
All that one can do is find a medium to know that one is God and the divine is within us and not elsewhere that we have been searching for the last few years.

The myth is if you smile and spit on a person’s face, he should be okay with it even if he or she is one’s friend but the other person cannot say anything very less significant in a tone where he is a little rude or arrogant at times. There seems to be a one way traffic with emotions in most relationships. This has to be thought about and worked upon.
This in a way is not allowed as one needs to be very compassionate and in a way simply understand the very nature of a friendship to understand the very relation. It need not be settled in a very angry manner and simply have a very gloomy look about it. The very meaning of a relationship be it an acquaintance or a friend lies in the fact that  one simply understands the very true nature of the craziness in the damn issue.

When one has to put up with loads of people and situations, each may not be pleasant or very very memorable, some may be bitter and very bad to even taste. So all that one has to do is to be very conscious about the moments wherein things may go wrong /

In friendship we need to blossom from within, in case of any mistakes made by anybody it is the very duty of the other to educate the other out of compassion and then ignore the particular situation. It is this that helps one to see to it that the relation is never strained and it continues, continues, continues.

The expectation within us that the nature of the other person must change does not serve the purpose either, instead why don’t we have a feeling on why don’t we change.
All one needs to learn is that they just have to make everybody their own. This becomes easy by just realizing the fact that they also come from the same SOIL and also breathe the same AIR which we expel.

Guruji says It is only when we can relate ourself with one hundred percent then any face you look at there will be love, charm and beauty.


One simply has to understand the very fact that THEY ARE AN OCEAN.

Most of misunderstandings in the relationships, and the problems, are because we talk a lot, express too much. When you love somebody, don’t go and sit on their neck and choke them to death. Keep a gap, stay a little apart and see that your love to higher love, the DIVINE LOVE.

So friends let us elevate ourselves to the very next level, wherein we realize the very DIVINITY of each and every relationship that we are in... each and every role that we have to play in all the very different relationships.... like as a FRIEND, a SON, a DAUGHTER, a WIFE, a HUSBAND, a LOVER, a BROTHER, a SISTER, a TEACHER, a CONSUMER and so on........

Just wanna say.....


Its again left to each one of us to actually know or find out if its a GIFT or a CURSE......!!!!


  1. sharon u really write well.dint know u have so much depth!good going............:-)

  2. heyy...getting philosophical...guruji's influence...accha hai..go on ..good piece of writing...bahut gehraayi hai..especially i liked what you have written down there"when you love someone keep a gap" thats very true..i agree

  3. @Pooja - Thank You for the inspiration

  4. @Binitha - Just wrote my heart out.... you keep reading.... observing.... and commenting....

  5. Gud 1 dear!!! I m a bit confused bout ur comments on Love and Separation. Also, the title and content are going in different directions! But overall it gives an impression of a great thinker!!

  6. Jai, that was just how the thoughts Unwound in my head.....!!!! Thank You.


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