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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lone Ride !!!

I was coming back from Sri Lanka to Chennai with a very heavy heart as my Girl Friend for the last 5 years had very seriously mentioned about breaking up. Though it all had taken its toll on me. I was certainly not in any frame of mind to do anything at all. No Office, no friends nothing. I kinda just wanted to get home and be with mom.
So after i got to Chennai the very next day I rode to Bangalore on my bull. with so many crazy thoughts coming back to head. I was crying inside the helmet, behind my shades. The tears would not stop, the feelings and emotions were definitely getting the better of me. Some thought or the other would pop up. So many feelings like love, anger, disgust, insanity, lost, destroyed, pain and many random things I had never felt in life ever before.
So the pain was getting on my nerves. But I as kind of doing what I loved doing the most. That is to be on my Bull's saddle. I was simply riding it to get home and chill with mom. This was not my first solo ride. Its been a month since I did this ride. I did ride a few 100 kms before I travelled back to Colombo. Its almost 15 days here now and I am kinda getting better with the pain and everything reducing in the head.
Apart from just the riding, my yoga and meditation have also helped me to cope up with the stress. It has been a crazy few days. The pain n the memmories are still there.  Let’s hope they heal fast and help deal with the demons.
But this definitely was the most loneliest ride I have ever had in my life ever. I had ridden non stop from Chennai to Blore in about 4 hours.

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