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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Going to that - Kahin Bhi Le Jao Place !!!

The day began very late for Me and Raghav at his place.

We began discussing and wondering where to go and enjoy the day. while i was sipping my morning chai, Raghav was lost in his own thoughts to decide where to go. He then came up with this crazy idea of going to Agra on a long drive, the idea was good but considering the distance and time constraint i convinced him to drop the idea. I then sugested we go to Murthal Dhaba on Karnal High Way to have Paranthas and Lassi. The idea seemed to be okay and it looked like we were going there.

Then when we got to Aashna's place to pick her up, she like took forever to get ready and in between her getting ready she disapproved the idea of a dhaba and wanted to go to some place sporty. So then we got back to square one and began discussing on where to go. Then when she finally was like ya I got all the matching stuff done and have covered myself in 3 shades of make up.

We decided to like at least hit the road before we went about discussing.

I was like kahin bhi le chalo yaaar, bahut bhoook lagi hai !!!!

I suggested Eatopia for a place, i know it looks like a Harry Potter railway station but then I was too hungry to be discussing and not knowing where we were going. Then it was like no no on every suggestion and was like we have to go to some place else. Lot of joints from vasant kunj/ vihar came up, even saket was sugested, CP was a huge NO, Even GK was also in consideration. Then out of no where Raghav suggested American Diner. I had never been there, with my obsession for food and this suggestion of a new joint was always greeted with a huge grin and a sign of approval from my side.

It then all of a started to pour down from the heavens. The climate became simply scintillating and the idea of the drive seemed more apt and appropriate.

We drove towards Indian Habitat Centre and headed to The American Diner. Where we had to like wait for about 25 mins before we went in and then another 10 mins before we got the table.

We utilized the time to like roam around and see the place as well as enjoy the weather. We clicked a few pics here and there. And then even got a pic clicked on the counter at the joint.

The food there was amazingly delicious with Aashna ordering some Fettucheeney Stuff and we went for the normal Soup and Burger Stuff. It was like a nice time spent in a very kool place with lovely company from Raghav Mehrotra and Aashna Gupta. We kept picking on Aashna for the entire day, she was game for it all and it was simply simple.

We also headed back to noida and had tea and maggi at Amity noida in "Balli Maggi khaoge to Balle Balle ho jaoge". Here Aashna was like shivering to death before the Chai like eased her life a bit. The maggi was like before from college times. After all the food and chai we had the shopowner refused to even charge us for the food that we had considering the bond we shared when i used to study in that college, but then we still convinced him to accept the money. It was out n out fun.

Thank you guys for that Amazing Day, which will be etched in my memories forever.

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