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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Firaaaang in Me !!!!!

I have had my share of jokes and laughter on me being a FIRAAAANG. Have travelled to places far and wide, depending on the co ordinates in Hindustan, I get treated as a West Indian, Afro American, African or Malaysian respectively and a citizen of many other countries.

Now this incident to be narrated is the latest that happened last weekend.

I was on my Road Trip with my Fellow Club mates at V11 Royal Enfield Riding Club. Me along with 10 other club members rode to Pondicherry on our Bullets. We halted at the beach huts at Auroville.

The next day me and Prasad, along with with Balaji, Harish and Lalith decided to roam around Pondicherry, We headed to Marine Drive.

I was riding on Rajesh's Bike. An Old Bullet Standard that was re modelled.

Somewhere in the traffic we kinda got split and I was suddenly driving all alone on the streets. I brought the vehicle to a halt at the Marine Drive and parked the vehicle when a Traffic Constable rode his bike and camped next to me and began

Consable : Vehcile,your's ??

Me : Yes.

Constable : Show Papers, vehicle Papers !!

Me : Here take them ( giving him the papers )

Constable : Driving License

Me – Here take it ( giving him the license )

Constable : Insurance is expiry, vehicle not in name, your name.

Me – Yes, yes. Friend's vehicle.

Constable – No Insurance, huge fine. 150 Dollars only.

Me – Sir, no. Fine too huge.

Constable – Fine is compulsory. You Pay or I take Vehicle to Polics Station.

Friends passing by, suddenly see me talkin to somebody, they stop and Prasad comes to me and asks, Yenna Aaache Machhi ( What Happened Buddy ?? in Tamil )

That was when the look on the Constable's face began changing. He understood that his prank dint work out instead he turned out to be at the receiving end of my Prank.

Prasad just looked at the constable and handed over a Rs. 50 Note and said Iddu Podam Sir, Kalambinga kalambinga. ( This is Enough, now carry on )

We all laughed our asses off for a very long time.

That was when Prasad and the other began analysing what all the Constable would have thought and planned to do with 150 Dollars that he would have got from the Firaang in ME.


  1. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa surely u are firangeeee..... :P

  2. You surely do look like a firangi nd was laughing my A** out after this was surely was one good prank


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