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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back On Track

For some crazy ass stupid reason, I kinda haven't written in a very very long time. I feel very ashamed that i like havent even checked my blog for like ages now. I have been thinking of making up an excuse that would kind of atleast help me take the weight of not meeting my own expections and also to fail in such a manner.

I really do love writing. In fact i have been doing loads of activities and the main issue or the roadblock or hassle is only that where i sit n work in my dad's office they have the "Web Filter Violation" thing which doesnt help me log in and write for my blog.

But then i know that passion to blog should have actually driven me n motivated me to somehow drag myself to a cyber cafe or a friend's place, so that i could  have blogged. But then as the saying goes, "Better late than never". and that its never ever tooo late.

This blog is actually like the lull before the storm. I will be writing more stuff on a very regular basis now.

This simply reminds me of my Home work exercise on my Yes+ course.

What i wanna say is that i take completely responsibility and blame for not writing/posting on my blog.

I don't wanna make up any excuses and make myself happy.

Like my dad always says. a horse can loose its way, but once it gets back the saddle and the other racing gear, it surely knows as hell as to where and how it is supposed to move.

So now i am back with my gear and on track.


  1. I was missing the updates since a long time. Really delighted to read ur blog... keep writing on regular basis Sharon... :)


  2. good capababilty of expressing joy in words...keep carry..it's really cool..


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