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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jukebox Grace

A Jukebox for me is an instrument wherein I can go and make a request for the song that i really wanna hear . This post is about how grace took over in the form of a jukebox just to fulfill this petty little wish/ craving/ eagerness to listen to a particular Bhajan.

When I used to stay in Mumbai I would volunteer with the VnV Yes Plus team and would regularly attend the Thursday Yes Plus Satsang in Goregaon. The crowd would majorly be the entire gang of VnV team. It would start at 7.30 p.m and go on till about 9.30. The evening would comprise of a few Bhajans and a short meditation and then finally a knowledge session that would be conducted by Virat Bhai and Vasudha Didi.

Whenever I travel out of Mumbai there is nothing more than the VnV Satsangs that i Miss. Every thursday that I miss the Satsangs feels so Incomplete. I do keep pinging the guys in Mumbai on my Blackberry telling them that i miss them a lot.

I love all the Bhajans that are sung, but there is one particular bhajan that is sung there and that is just so reviving "Pandu Ranga Jaya Vithale", I had heard this song last on 9th December 2010 and then I left for Delhi to attend my MBA Convocation. I had my return tickets to Bangalore boooked on 25th Decemeber alongwith the enitire Yes Plus Gang and so in the 12 Days that I was in Delhi I volunteered for 2 courses with Deepan Mukherjee, one in Noida and one in Vrindavan where I was the OTC and the only Volunteer. This was the second time that I volunteered with Deepan Bhaiya as the only Volunteer which helped me learn and improve in leaps n bounds. Deepan Bhai is a celebrated singer himself and takes wonderful Sasangs. I repeatedly kept on asking him to sing the song "Pandu Ranga Jaya Vithale"  but he dint sing the song. He instead sang "Lena Hoga Janam Hame Kai Kai Baar" one of my other favurites that i had requested him to sing. Inspte of listening to all the wonderful bhajans for some reason i was still missing "Pandu Ranga Jaya Vithale" for some reason.

Once I was done with that I left for Bangalore in order to be in the Ashram and do Seva in the Vishala Canteen that was taken over by the Yes Plus gang during the Winter Break. I reached the ashram on 28th Dec did seva in the vishala canteen washing the dishes with Chirag. We had loads of fun washing the dishes. We created loads of jingles like "Bartan maanj bartan maanj bartan maanj be, hum nahi bartan manjenge to woh kisme khayenge" and a few more.

The clocked had ticked past 7.30 pm and everyone was rushing to the Vishalakshi Mantap ( VM ) for the evening Satsang. By the time we kind of wrapped up work and began running towards the VM the clock was already at 7.50. I was in for a very pleasant surprise as i huffed n puffed when i reached the shoe stand and began ascending the stairs towards the main gate of VM, that was when i realised and heard the bhajan being sung and there i could hear "Pandu Ranga Jaya Vithale, Vithale, Vithale" I was just motionless for a few seconds as it took forever to sink in that a wish of this tiny miniscule nature was taken care of and so I kind of was so grateful to Guruji for being there and fulfilling every wish.

I also realised that everything is being taken care of and that all my wishes will surely come true. I also realised that i really just have to enjoy life to the fullest giving the Guru the freedom to work his magic and paint my LIFE.


  1. Ahhh.the same thing happened with me dude...For almost 4-5 satsangs, i requested 'Guru Om' from Deepan Bhaiya...But he would never listen to me..Then on the opening day of DSN with Atika Di in Delhi last year, the first bhajan Deepan bhaiya sang was Guru Om and specially announced it was for me :) :) :) Everything is being taken care..That's the beauty of being such bliss.

  2. bhaiya ...after reading it...i'have really started missing my meditation sessions more n more...will go back for meditation from sunday onwards .... :)..n really a great n a must read post... :D

  3. pandu ranga jaye vathaleee ......lovely

  4. I think I was there that time with you, when you just entered VM and the bhajan was going and could see the smile on your face.. you instantaneously started jumping here n there similar to wat a monkey would do on seeing a tree full of bananas (just kiddin)..

    but yeah, no doubt tat it would have been the happiest moment, after such a long craving your wish gets fulfilld.. just bcoz of Grace.. JUKEBOX GRACE..!! :)

  5. Lakshmi G.
    These words ,this beautiful incident which means a lot to all of us .... teach ... Praise God even when you don't understand what He is doing. He's always there to take care of us ,our tiny wishes .I hav experienced it so, hav u :))...superb post ....

  6. Waaah, kya baat hai! :D


  7. I love stories like this! When I'd been doing LOTS of courses, I would think of a bhajan and before the thought was done forming, someone would start singing it. I always feel so connected to Guruji at satsang, even when we're continents apart.

  8. What a Beautiful Way of Expressing ur feelings!!!! Sharon every time when I read ur blog I feel positively revived as there is always a new thing coming up from such usual experiences of urs.... Keep writing like this!!!!

  9. absolutely grafeful :)

  10. Guruji has a unique style :)


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