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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Celebrity Hero - Guru Stories

Yesterday I attended a Guru Puja and Satsang organized by a Yes Plus Teacher Shreya Ramkumar at her home in Chennai. One of my Juniors from college Dewang Vora accompanied me to the puja as he was very keen on it. I reached early to help her in arranging the place. A few of Shreya's kids also dropped in for the puja. At 5.30 pm, bang on time Neelanjan Bhardwaj a.k.a Anil arrived, he was the one who was to perform the Guru Puja. On his arrival Shreya told me that he was a Kick Boxer earlier and he did look like one, standing at 6.5 feet and a very huge built he was very intimidating. The Puja then started with the customary chanting of OM 3 times after which the chanting began and once the Guru Puja chanting was over, the satsang team took over and sang a few bhajans.

Once it was all done then everyone got into a group while having delicious prasad ( Sundal, Sweet Pongal and Modak ) and then began discussing knowledge and how we came into the path and more importantly and the most interesting thing - GURU STORIES.

Everybody had their share of experiences and Guru Stories. that was when Anil began to share on such Guru Story of his. He started by saying that once while driving on his bike he got hit by a vehicle from behind, which forced him to over railings of the Fly over he was going on.

That was when I said, " SO YOU ARE THE ONE"?, and he was like, Oh man this is for the umpteenth time that I have not been able to finish my Guru Story.

I had already heard this story from Gauri Bhake a teacher in Delhi when I was volunteering in one of her courses. So this Guru Story of Neelanjan would be shared by many such teachers when they would be talking about GRACE.

The Story then continued for those who had not heard it,

So the moment he fell off the bridge, the others driving behind were scared to look down on his certain death. But when they looked down they saw Neelanjan waving at them frantically from a truck that was full of HAY which was coincidentally moving under the bridge. Every one there was dumbstruck n speechless as it looked like a completely filmy scene which would have taken more than a few retakes to perfect. But then as its said, when the divine is the director, perfection becomes the order of the day.

That's when I added, Neelanjan you are a Celebrity Hero for Guru Grace Stories in most parts of India.

Neelanjan's story is mentioned in a post on Bawa n Dinesh da's Blog - http://bawandinesh.name/chennai-story/


  1. @Sharon- Well i guess lucky would be the word, not celebrity,well but whatever you say, yes it was a fresh lease of life given to me by HIM..........
    On a lighter note- who were shreya's kids ???

  2. He Neelanjan,

    Many many participants have had goose bumps when dey hear your story. Celebrity you are cos u r very famous in the Aol world n always cited as an example. Ya Shreya's Kids.... Lol

  3. bhai..i m also among the one who knws..neelanjan now.. it was a great evening for me thanks a lot for the invite..to puja.or else i would have missed it.

  4. I had heard his story from so many sources...he sure is a celebrity. The first time I heard it was from Srivi ma'am. I was stunned then, I am stunned now. Just underlines the fact that he is there to protect us.

  5. btw...awesome post Sharon...very well written.

  6. One more AWESOME post Sharon!!!keep writing like this in ur blog... I m always curious to read ur blog :P


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