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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Friday, November 12, 2010

Smash the Butt

We have people who smoke all around us.... most of the times.....
The trouble is not with these jerks trying to be KOOL....
Living in and all around a cloud of Smoke..... Is the real trouble….
Passive smoking is the danger…..

If that is not enough trouble these jerks, after smoking have a habit of throwing the butt on road or off the balcony of their office or house after smoking, without even bothering to smash the butt. It happens when a smoker fling's the cigarette from a moving vehicle like an Auto, Taxi, Car, Train on most occasions. They are least bothered on how bad a risk it is, without even caring that it may hurt someone.

So what my friend Dewang Vora did was, in such situations and places where ever he saw a JERK flinging a Cigarette Butt of the window or balcony was to simply walk up to it and smashing the butt with his shoes right in front of the culprit with a smiling face. What happened there was he just kept his kool and went about smashing the butt just as if he was saving the society with a grinning smile on his face. This didn’t get him any immediate results what so ever. In fact people in his office and around his residence would also make fun of him by calling him names and stuff like that but over a period of time most of the smokers began to understand the gravity of the situation and as to what Dewang wanted to establish in their heads was very simple. This brought about a transformation in most Junk Heads that Dewang was least bothered on whether these guys were gonna live long or not but he was more keen on saving the lives of all the other innocent people and so the Smokers began to Smash their own Butts.

Dewang just simply showed enough courage and patience to make an effort to make these smokers realise the very dangers they cause. All that we needs to do is show these smokers a proper way on how not to kill others, now that they don’t wish to save themselves.

Most smokers over a period of time have even tried quitting smoking after understanding that it is nuisance factor that it is for one’s body.

If any of you guys wanna still convince smokers can simply make a few condolence cards and ask them which one would they prefer.

In case any one feels smoking is kool, then the video’s below will surely stir up your thoughts once and for all.


The Local Environment Quality Survey of 19,000 sites, commissioned by the Environment Department (Defra), showed that cigarette butts and other smoking rubbish was still the most widely-found litter, spotted at 78 per cent of sites adding to all the troubles caused by cigarettes.

Common Guys all we have to do is to keep Smashing BUTTS for a start in order to reduce the Passive dangers caused by Criminal Suicider's in these Smokers who kill themselves and also put the lives of all others in Grave Danger.


  1. hmm...true :) first i thought that the smoke is bad...till i came to an office where everyone eats "Kharra" :P Gosh...thats is equally bad..at least the smell is :P :)

    Maybe i guess you need to make a Condolence Card for me soon :P :D

  2. Zurica - The card would be for you... only if u ate KHARRA.... else all u have to do is give cards to all who hav been eating kharra

  3. ohh god!!! amazin wrk bhai nd i jus hope nd wish ppl learn sumthing frm dis...

    jago grahak jago!!!

  4. bhai..mast likha hai...keep it up.!!!

  5. very nice..a PSA in the form of a blog :)


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