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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Notice: Exams Cancelled

“Tere Mooh me Ghee Shakkar” is only what I would say, when someone called up or ran in to inform that the exams have been cancelled. 

Examinations are among the few crazy things that have been invented/discovered by mankind, apart from Jumbee Bunjing, Scuba Diving, Mountaineering, Stunt Biking to name few more.

Every time an exam cropped up...  the atmosphere in the college would completely change with the canteens and the college corridors beginning to buzz and the overcrowding at the xerox stores. New faces would venture into places in the university they would have otherwise never known like the LIBRARY. In spite of all the preparation that I would have made for the examinations, all I would want is for the exam to get cancelled for some reason or the other...

Some Crazy reasons that would cloud my mind .....

1.       World War III
2.       Death of the Teacher or Principal or any of their relative.
3.       Somebody bombing the university.
4.       Curfew/ Strike/ Bandh.
5.       Prime Minister or President’s Death.
6.       Earthquake
7.       Flash Floods
8.       Some Storm/ Cyclone/ Hurricane
9.       Paper Leak

Hope you guys also had some funnier, creepier and dangerous excuses for Cancelling your Exam.

All I have learned and picked up from all these experiences of giving exams is just that every day is some test an exam in itself; that I have to keep continuously fighting it day in day out and moreover be ready to always hit the road running.


  1. awsum blog ... ...lyked it vry much ..... :)

  2. Awesome!!!!! Even though I m a faculty now still loved it... :D


  3. its verry cool..
    ur pics

  4. hmmm.. well never experienced this atmosphere.,...thank god c.a. institute don't have such problems

  5. hehehehe...
    crafted amazingly/.. :)


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