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My Life 360 degrees

My Life 360 degrees

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Go India Go

Amazing Grit, determination and watta desire to WIN. Some display of temperament and character by Laxman, Ishant and Ojha. Man oh man.... wickets kept falling in heaps and in regular intervals.... I was sitting on the edge of my seat... wondering wats in store..... a hopeless cut shot by Sachin and den the crazy run out of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Harbhajan playing a clueless shot.... but then with loads of run required to win.... it was Laxman and Ishant who came to the party... both of them just kept pushing on and itching closer to the winning score.  Both of them, fighting it on like the injured horses in a battle. Never say never die attitude. Whoaaaah... m simply ecstatic n elated. What a partnership finally with their backs to the wall to simply kick some serious australian ass.

The bowlers both Zaheer and Ishant had set the match up beautifully with some amazing display of fast bowling by steaming in really fast and hitting the deck and the right areas to get the necessary movement. Ishant’s spell of 2 overs was crucial where he picked up 3 wickets in a space of 12 balls.

If at all anything could have stopped us from winning it was not the bowling by Australia or their Fielding... It surely was the Umpiring Errors by both Billy and Ian Gould who had a pretty sad outing this time around.

Some of the crucial moments in the match
  • Run Out of Ponting – Brilliant Raina at work
  • Great fielding by the close in fielders for India
  • Blazing quick fire 50 plus by Sehwag
  • The wisket of Sachin at 98 changed the course of the Indian innings
  • The irritating decision to give Dhoni caught out in the slips by the blind 3rd Umpire.
  • Breaking the first wicket partnership of the aussies in the second innings.
  • Gambhir given LBW, another pathetic decision by the umpire with the score then at 0/1
  • Crazy Cut shot by Sachin, clueless flay by harbhajan, pathetic running between the wickets getting Dhoni out
  • But then Ishant’s and VVS’s gritty display of sheer determimnation to dig it out at the center and grind out a victory inspite of being injured.

By the end of it all, my heart beats went up quite a few notches. Simply one heck of a match, gruesome and nail biting stuff with some kind of a cliff hanging challenge. I Just loved every minute of it simply because India came out worthy winners at the end.

Now we have enough belief to say that our Tail enders are also Gritty and are no mere Push overs. Zaheer, Bhajji, Ishant and Ojha... Great Job Guys.

Some true Team India Spirit. Go India Go.


  1. it was an amazing match.. one of the best test matches..
    but its not fair to hav a cricket series in india at the same time as the cwg..
    i am a big time cricket enthusiast but still when the words 3rd largest multi sport even is happening in india its just not right to hav cricket going on..

  2. I agree with you completely..... but the fact remains that in India much emphasis is not laid in the promotions of other sports..... Cricket or No cricket the popularity of CWG wouldnt have made much of a difference.

  3. Interesting discription of an interesting match. :)


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